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Right, then. Welcome back or a tremendous Monday to you. Am Jim Rome. I am alive. As I have been this entire time in the same studio, the rocket mortgage studio when you need certainly the home buying process for the loan that fits your life, then you know, rocket can So again, number of things going on right now. I've got two interviews coming up this hour. We go back to back starting next segment. The executive editor of Sports Illustrated Jon Wertheim joins me, Kevin, I Oli joins me after that to talk some mm, A and some boxing. There is a new guy in the house. You've all picked up on that. And you're all missing the boat pretty badly on that and I'll get to that a little bit later on. I've got a show to do, however. 1 806 36. 8686 We literally Adam Hawk. Let me talk to really quickly. We as part of the smack off, run up, and we're running out of time We have been having or smack off predictions. Come in. We've been sifting through them. We just bumped back, didn't we? With one? How did it go? Yeah, it went great. That was our first one of the season. That was the good father, John Carl Anderson's dad. So that was great. That's a generational clone family right there. So that was awesome to get the good father as the first smack off video of the season. Love the good Brother Love the Good Father Love the good family in case they missed it Did the good father picked somebody to win? Yes, he did. He's going with left and Laguna, okay? But he wants Jeff in Southfield. Got it. All right. Very good. Nice job. Thank you very much. So the good father is the first one in with a video prediction. All right, So let me ask you this. How the hell was your weekend? You know what? Don't answer that, Because honestly, I don't even care. I don't care because it is now the week before the week, the week before the week of smack off 27. So I don't give a damn about your weekend or mine. For that matter. I'm looking ahead. Always forward. Never back 11 Days, nine shows, then it's here and we have got work to do. It was already a short smack off season. If you do not have a golden ticket yet Now is the time to try and rip one. If you do have a golden ticket now is the time to try to cement it. And if you're in the field and I have not heard from you now is the time to R. S. V P Going back to the good father if none of that applies to you, But you want some air time anyway, and you want to be a part of the process. You can Simply send a 22nd. Prediction. Video to smack off videos at gmail dot com. Smack off videos at gmail dot com. We will put it on TV these next two weeks. I'm going to carve out some time next week and fully layout, the storylines all the legacies, which would state prior to June 25th. But before I get there, let's continue running down what is an extremely deep, extremely strong invited guest list and do another player profile. Today. I'm throwing it back to a guy who showed up for smack off three. Smack off number three. He was on hold for smack off 25. The amazing thing is even with his history on the program. If my data is correct, he's only been in this thing six times only six times and he was in it way back and smack off number three. He has hit the podium twice. He is the motor city's biggest hater. He is the king of the pre smack off. Call The king of the post Mac off call. He is Gino. In San Antonio. Now, depending on how long you've been around here. And how long you been listening, either. You know, Geno is a longtime caller of the show in O g, or you don't know this guy at all. Or if you're Justin in Melbourne, and you only know him for his annual Monday after the smack off cause when he phones in a breakdown, the event with the postgame recap Well, then you're that guy. Like here's Justin voicing his disdain for Gino's act, and I'm dreading the numerous phone calls. We're going to get from Gina from San Antonio. This Guy's act is so predictable when he blows up the phone lines leading up the smack off date. He's got the invite, but goes radio silent day of, But first thing Monday morning, he's back on the phones analyzing what went down. This guy does nothing but spit out more useless takes In a linear messenger system. Wow. No disrespect to just in But Justin does not get to be pissed, Gino. Because he's Justin. And Geno is Geno. And Gina has been calling this show for the better part of a quarter century. Now I could expand upon that. But Gino called in shortly after just in and handled his own business. His own way. Jason and Mel Gorn, You know, I don't know who this guy is. But I guess he thinks he can do a big game hunting with a squirt gun. The problem with hunting for lions, Jacob is sometimes you run into one, Powell. But Jalen, I am impressed. And the four calls that you've managed to call in on you've highlighted every deficiency in your actual life from cramping up to actually glossing yourself as a lightweight, you know, normally you let the other callers meant you look pathetic, but not you, Jamal. Just keep your mouth shut Probe Anyway. Listen, Jerry, you and I both know that you should be happy. I know you are happy right now. Because I know that you got what you actually wanted. Geno from San Antonio just acknowledged that you exist. Finally, You got something your kids can be proud of. But make no mistake, Jeff. You will never get a seat at the table. How does that grab you, Justin? Jeff Jacob. Jalen or Jamal or whatever the hell your name is. See, Gino goes back with the jungle to damn near the beginning of it all way back to a time when papers were thing. And after Alan Rickman, a k a. Hans Gruber passed away, Gino called in to remind me of the history and to pay homage to a show legend. We go back a long way, bro. I know the modern day clones have no idea who I am other than the guy that took a week off from work just to throw matches in Detroit. But back in the day. Think it's safe to say 100% accurate that used to calling every week. In fact, I think you don't even know this. But I lost a job selling Bieber's because of calling into this show, not pages because they had been invented yet but beepers And when I heard that Gruber had finally reached the bottom of Nakatomi Tower this morning I knew that I had to get on the phone with you and pass along my condolences, bro. And I.

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