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They were far and away the best team. And they followed through on that. So I wanna ask you, because your job is to scout guys. I got asked a lot on different radio shows that he do about Kamar rocker moving forward. I mean it's no brainer in two years that wipeout, sliders long as he stays healthy. He's gonna be a strong candidate for the number one pick. Yes. Well, he was a first round candidate out of high school he'd been willing to sign up until a few days for the draft. I thought he was at least open to it, but apparently put out a pretty big number. I don't know exactly what he is asking for. But it was going to take a large dollar amount to get him away from the ender belt, and I would probably say, more like he's a definite top ten pick in two years if he stays healthy, just because we are never really sure two years. That's just my experience doing this trying to predict who's one one. Two years out is really tricky because we tend not to know the highschool crop very well. And a lot, there are college guys, probably more true of hitters and pitchers, but they kind of peak earlier, plenty of college guys. You've been outstanding their freshman year and then they don't follow it up, for example. And you also said the biggest variable of all, which is can Kumar rocker stay healthy, a lot of college pitchers, Kevin able at Oregon state looked like he was going to be a real high pick for next year. They worked very hard, and then he blew out his elbow. And suddenly, he's his draft stock is a little bit in doubt. It's not like it's ruined his status, but he's no longer the prospect that we thought he was. So I would be more comfortable saying, Kumar rockers, a top ten pick in two years and we'll know more the closer. We get to his draft. What's the best part in your eyes of what he does because for my is just the reaction of the hitters to that slider? They're not picking it up. That seems to be an elite pitch certainly someone who can throw hard. Huge looks like he's going to be someone who's going to be able to. During the course of a game, we'll be able to pitch deep into ballgames and the mount presence. That's what jumps out of me. I mean I joked on different shows that I remember what I was like in nineteen years old at Vanderbilt into freshman. I was an idiot, and this kid inches. Seems to be so in control at all times that's me is the best part of him going to college. I was at his, his final highschool appearance was a playoff outing against a coal Wilcox shoes at university of Georgia who's actually draft eligible next year on each but he's also a first rounder for next year. Those two faced off Wilcox Wilcox his team won Wilcox pitched quite a bit better. Rocker did not pitch well and did not show. Well, his mound presence wasn't there. All it was unrecognizable the person he's been on the mound. This whole postseason the no hitter. Couple of appearances in Omaha. He looks like he's grown up. He is competitiveness better. Having the better slider. Probably helps. But he's pitching more Gresley. He seems more gauged. He looks like an adult the difference. I know it's only one year on the calendar. But he looks like he's five years. Older terms of maturity in terms of how he's approaching his craft. And that's what makes I mean. He was not a top ten pick even just on merit coming out of high school, but I think if he could have the draft we're tomorrow and he went out. He would be a top ten because now we're seeing a lot of questions. People had about him in high school have been answered just by watching him pitch by seeing his approach. Pitching so far pitching this month in Omaha. The closest that I could come up with just imagining his delivery, and his physicality, how big is to me was Michael Fulmer Tigers because it feels like he's for being that big. He still has that short armor action where they're not a lot of length of that delivery..

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