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Have won three straight after having six consecutive games postponed. They pulled even in conference play at four in four. They're just a game under 500 overall now Six and seven. Let's recap the individual scoring in the Cincinnati win. Two players led the way with 12 points apiece. Mike Adams Woods had 12 points and five rebounds. How about these numbers for Jeremiah Davenport tonight? 12 points, eight rebounds, tied for the team lead and rebounding and led the team with six assists. That's a new career assist high for Jeremiah Davenport. David Lee Julius, nine points, eight rebounds. So he was the other barricade, who had eight boards and he had four assists. Chris Vote, had eight points and three rebounds. He had a career high for block shots tonight. Six blocks for the first time in a college game for Chris Vote, Zack Harvey had eight. Mason Mattson had a career high seven. Keith Williams had seven. Terry Easton had four. Mamadou Diarra had four. It added up to 71 for you see for the temple Owls. Brendan Barry got hot in the second half. He led the way with 17 points. All 17 came in the second half. And I'm guessing they all came in the last 10 to 12 minutes of the game. Jeremiah Williams had 16 Caleb battle had 11 Dave Andre Perry 10 points in eight boards. Jake Forrester had nine points. JP Mormon had six and temples leading score. Damian done Early played. He did not score and only played 12 minutes. Cincinnati out shot Temple 44% to 37%. Neither team was great from outside the Arc Temple 30% at 57 for 23, Cincinnati, 26% at six for 23. Bear cats won the battle of the boards. 42 33. Turnovers in the game. 14 for Cincinnati, 11 for Temple points off turnovers 18 to 11 in temples favor but the bear cats went it 71 to 69. We'll take a time out will be back with Coach brand and in just a moment, this is Bear cat basketball. Presented by Ukraine on NewsRadio 700 wlw Nanyang. Hmm. Baba Way. Zimbabwe The Broken Bunsen burner burns.

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