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Leukemia's. Ground zero to talk about this. She's the host of the nuclear hotseat. We're talking about the problems with the Wolsey fire that's burning at the moment. And how it started a facility that was considered a nuclear reactor. It was a nuclear reactor facility now owned by Boeing was originally owned by Rocketdyne question is how do you organize an independent investigation into this? Because from what I understand more people are concerned about climate change and putting towards the studies, and and all this other stuff clearcutting and forest management. But what about the people who are concerned about inhaling this type of stuff? They have just gotten a huge boost in terms of visibility. The bad news is so many people are being exposed to Donald knows what so ever what it is done is it has broken this site out from obscurity, there are people who've lived in the area for decades who didn't know about it because it was so well hidden now if suddenly headline news, certainly in the Los Angeles papers, and it's showing up in publications around the world, you mentioned the Kardashians. They have now been quoted in multiple sources talking about this very issue. So the cat's out of the bat out of the bag, and it's not going back in. That's the first thing. The second thing is that people need to pay attention to what after this have been saying. Because the last thing we ever want to be able to say is I told you so and we've been saying I told you so except now we've got people listening. So is it for social responsibility in Los Angeles has been spearheading a lot of these issues. And they need the support right now. They are the ones who sent out the press releases that all of a sudden cracks through the brick wall of the media. And they're the ones who have gotten the vast amount of inflammation out. I did a special nuclear hot seat this week which is nuclear hot seat dot com. I invite people to listen because it's got a lot of interviews. But one of the people I spoke with is with a group called Fairwinds energy education on the east coast Arnie Gunderson, and he is behind the pudding too. He a data group, and he has put together a system for people to be able to have the dust in their homes test. If they are within twenty five miles of the sandwiches and a field left. They can't do it yet. They have to wait until after the fire is over and on my program. He gives some specific information as to what has to be done. The testing will be done for free to the first level. And then if a hot particle is found. There's a more involved system after that. But all of those of us who've been working to reveal the truth about nuclear are pulling together at the same time to try to reveal what's going on there and try and force action to take place. That's that's going to keep this in the public eye and get some results and the only way we can do that is with a lot of support one of the things I would like to mention this has been asked. Specifically, the mom I mentioned earlier Melissa bumps said whose daughter has twice had leukemia. She's been very ill that she put a petition up unchanged dot org. If you go to change dot org slash Santa Susanna. It will come up, and it's headline. No, more cancer in kids, and it goes on from there. She's got over four hundred fifty thousand signatures. We're up against Boeing we need over a million. So I urge all of your listeners to sign and then get one other person that they notice. For them to get one other person to sign that we've got to create noise, we've got to create a groundswell of energy and attention. We cannot let this one drop with all the things that are going on that can distract people. And heaven knows there are so many things out there that can pull our attention. We can't look away from this one because this is our genetic future. One of the things we've explored on nuclear hot seat is the fact that when they give the impact of radiation on the human body that is based on an external radiation dose to a male military body, meaning a Caucasian male of European or North American descent who is a hundred and fifty pounds. It has been found from data analysis after hero Shema, which is the longest survival after exposure to nuclear radiation longest study that has been done. They discovered that women who were exposed to radiation or one and a half times more likely than the. Male model the reference man as he's called to develop cancer, children are even more vulnerable. A little boy who's supposed to count is exposed to radiation in childhood has a five times greater chance of developing some form of cancer in his lifetime. Then the model of the mess and a little girl is ten times more likely to develop cancer and little girls are the genetic future of our species and should be the ones who are most protected and this again is going with extra doses. How it's being calculated an internal dose is far more dangerous because there's no distance between the radionuclide spewing out. It's it's whatever those atomic particles are and your internal organs. I'm just curious because I was commenting with a friend of mine the other day since these fires begun. We had the fires. Going on, of course in July, June, July. We had fires everywhere on the west coast all of the world and the air quality here got really bad. And I never really felt. I mean, I have lung problems. I've had the problem since I had a number of embolisms or number of clots get into my lungs awhile ago, and lately, though this situation here this fire here has been more irritating my lungs, I feel like this burning sensations. If I've been smoking a lot of cigarettes are I went to a party or something. I smoked a lot of marijuana or something, and it just really is hurting an irritating. And I and I worry, you know, when I first read about this. I thought how far is radio activity this radioactive ash coming because when we wake up here in Oregon, we wake up to the soot, and the smog and the clouds they burn off during the day when the sun comes up a little breeze comes in, but we have this stuff hovering. And I know when Fukushima happened there were worried that a lot of this so-called deluded radio-activity was going to go into the Pacific, and they were detecting it off the coast. So I'm curious about how far the smoke has gone. And because I know when Chernobyl had a fire in the woods nurture noble people were getting spikes radiation in England and other places, and they were curious as to whether or not Chernobyl's ash radioactive was spewing out over Europe. And I'm just curious how far of a reach this has we don't know. And it's still going on. You know, we're not at the end of the story at we're somewhere in. The middle of it. Hopefully, we're in the fire part of the middle of it as opposed to the early part of the middle. It is. And also just because it wafts out. And then it lands. It's not over because the next time a win come of it comes it is in the dust. It's spreads that much further and it spreads that much further. If it rains, we should only be so lucky to get rain here in southern California. If it rains it gets into the groundwater, and then it comes up in the plants. It comes up in our food supply animals. Eat the food we eat the animals, it's there, and that when you eat it, or when you drink it it is internal contamination when you breathe it it's internal contamination, and it's going to be hard to even detect. It can become a a cancer can be. It can be leukemia could be a number of things that we're exposing ourselves to this people who live in that area of danger impact, I was reading that they're saying that it would be wise to get gas masks. I don't even know if that's too late is that to lady gas masks or should they get gas masks? Yeah. I think a respirator if you're especially if you're in a smokey area is not a bad idea. I happen to live only thirty miles away from the Santa Susanna field. Lamp, fortunately, I'm upwind of it. But we've had shifts in wind where it's been very smoking in this area. I tend to stay indoors with my dog. And I've got my hep A filters cranked up. All the way, I also because of my research and because of the program another program I put together under wrapped awareness dot com. It's radiation awareness protection talk. I know things that I can do about supplementation and taking zeolite drops and other things to help protect myself. I will give you and your listeners one thing if they're going through any kind of a smokey or possibly radiological area. If you're driving through always keep your car on research for they circulation of the air. So you're not fooling an air from the outside. You are you are, you know, recirculating the air. And after this event is over. Over I would say change your air filter in your car, and you might want to advise your mechanic to get some kind of a radiation monitor justifying out if anything is showing up in the shop. This is just terrifying. That you know, I do not see one single mainstream source, and I'm talking about network news reporting happened. Why why why are we going to hear it on the mainstream? I feel like the only radio show that's discussed this. I probably am the only radio show this discuss this because everybody else is talking about climate change. They're talking about a directed energy weapons. Which of course, I'll probably talk about later on in the show. What I'm saying is is that this is a huge disaster. This is a huge story that should be on mainstream. It should warn the people. And like, I said, it was hilarious. Because once I started talking about this somebody had referred me to a story that was done about Kim Kardashian the Kardashians. Angry that they had been exposed to that. You know, what can be done about it? Keep talking about it. Please quiet because this is potentially nuclear disaster. I mean, you're right about Chernobyl when they had their forest fires. There was tremendous fear and panic over it. And I think the reason that we aren't hearing about it in mainstream media is the desire to not panic the people, it's the they're they're Missy don't worry your pretty little head about it routine. And they don't want us knowing the truth, and so many levels, as you know, they don't want us knowing the truth. And this is a true. It's not, you know, something that could be dismissed as fantasy or delusion. Karen? This is a physical reality right here in front of us now, and it must be dealt with. And the means must be discovered to be dealt with. And the people responsible must be held responsible for doing their job for getting the data for cleaning it up for letting us know, and we have to keep looking for things that we can do to support our health to protect our homes. Our families our children all of it because we can't rely on the government. We can't rely on officials who are out there. None of the bureaucracy is going to do anything to try and help us. So we've got to figure it out and put it together on ourselves. And there is a very strong interconnect, anti-nuclear groups and radiation research groups around the country around the world that are actively giving their inflammation. Again, if people can listen to my nuclear hop. Feet this week. It's episode three eighty six is.

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