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In local it's one thirty unless Warner Orange County sheriff's deputies say a man is undergoing surgery after they shot him during a domestic violence call lieutenant Patrick rich says the suspect was armed with a knife when deputies arrived a little after two AM and ended up opening fire people's emotions are elevated during these incidents and we never know exactly what is going to occur when responding to one man in his twenties was hit in the groin and taken to a local hospital which says deputies have been called to the home near Anaheim before he adds that this type of call is one of the most dangerous situations deputies encounter domestic violence incidents are historically and traditionally one of the most violent incidents that law enforcement deals with an investigation into the shooting is under way Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news an investigation is continuing in south LA where police fatally shot a man who was allegedly wielding a knife police say the gunfire erupted around eight AM this morning at Central Avenue twenty ninth street where the shirtless man allegedly used a knife to threaten the person before being confronted by responding officers the man hasn't yet been identified we're also learning that California has the highest number of foreign students and that's despite the dip in enrollments nationally the university of southern California is the most popular among foreign students with more than sixteen thousand and rolled in the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen school year Phil Hewlett K. A. B. C. news two more witnesses are before the house intelligence committee during the third day of impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill special U. S. Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker and former National Security Council official Tomar center in spot late this afternoon those hearings will continue through the week we're covering them all right here on a M. seven ninety KABC to follow the coverage go to K. B. C. dot com and click stream to to hear all those proceedings stars on the Hollywood walk of fame were unveiled today outside the pente just theater honoring determines and Kristen L. just three days before the release of frozen to win which they both reprise their roles of queen Elsa and princess ana talk radio seven.

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