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Right yeah wait a minute to serious why are you finally i think i i almost i feel it technology is really working against steven spielberg because like the the better computer graphics and everything get computer graphics the the the the you know the better cgi gets and everything the more he uses it and when he relies on stuff like that all of the like the magic goes as movies yeah yeah yeah yeah i didn't really watch anything else other than those stuff man would have anything else before we get to film relent oh i i watched a couple of episodes or an episode and a half of something that i'll talk briefly on an and more later um i started to watch this season of american crime story oh yeah the saatchi i saw the first episode and i'm gonna keep watching yeah eventually i'll keep watching here now man and only at the main guy i don't like the guy playing andrew cohen anon i do i don't know there's something about on that drew me in like i i watched the first episode i thought i think i like this more than the lasts sees it well i i wasn't a big huge fan of the last season i thought it was good laws and that was good but i kind of felt like i feel like there might be something here that will pull me in more i think eventually there will be an adding that once the world starts to get more populated area yeah but i also didn't run to the second episodes yeah we we watch we started watching the second episode was better than the first episode but then we had to go and i was blind to turn it off yeah i wasn't like our.

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