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Going to take the bull by the horns and create the united states of america that we're used to once again and stop all this nonsense bullshit. Twenty twenty twenty. Twenty two is just around the corner and it's not going to take long for that to be here so we need to start looking at anybody who's wanting to step up to the plate better start stepping because if not you're not gonna make it do wanna put a shout out to rick rick. Hope you're doing well man. I hope you're getting everything moved. I know he's helping. His daughter moved right now. So he's been busy with that. And i wanna thank everybody for showing up on the show and all your comments in backing even if it's a contradict jury it's your opinions and we appreciate all your opinions pop up Good or bad That's what the show's about good and bad opinions. It doesn't matter which as long as you speak to your voice in. That's what we all need to remember. That we need to do is speak our voice so until next sunday everybody you take care. Keep your eyes. Like james said to the flag and remember. We're all americans. We're all brothers and sisters here and we need to fight for our country to make sure that we don't lose it and we ended in the poor house or worse yet homeless. His away shit's going right now. It's getting really really really bad and you know in for those of you who aren't in texas. Maybe should think about moving over here. Because it's getting shitty all over the damn place. Thank you everybody once again. We love you guys. We appreciate everything that y'all have to say and we hope that everybody has a great and wonderful and safe week Try to stay out of trouble is best. You can see all nick sunday. See guys they go i guess..

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