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And every one of his given the same 24 hours we all have the same twenty four hours it's what you do those twenty four hours will determine the success in what you do and alonzo mourning thank you thank you so much for having me and finally tonight a look at works of art from an unlikely source the guantanamo bay detention camp a new exhibit in new york hosts art made by current and former detainees special correspondent arrun wrath has the story the art work at the john j college of criminal justice in manhattan reflects what is studied eu galleries take on themes related to crime in the mall human rights and dissent art that reflects justice and injustice the entrance is lined with work depicting nine eleven first responders upstairs in another exhibit a piece of art from a man who is on trial for his alleged role in supporting the attack vertigo by a more all baluchi is not about nine eleven by it reflects his tour at the hands of the cia which was documented in a senate report it's just a swirl at winds and dots and he drew it to show his lawyers what happens when he experiences vertigo when he can no longer see which is the result of a traumatic brain injury suffered during interrogation interim is an art professor john j and she studied the strange intersex aladi an art but arc from gitmo detainees was a surprise one of their lawyers four detainees uh approached me and said i want my clients are to be exhibited and i said what do you mean those are made at guantanamo what hit me at first this how normal they shouldn't their drawings be so much more angry and it took me a long time to realize that uh uh a that these artists want to show beauty there's arc from twelve gitmo detainees in the.

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