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In China outside right now our current temp at sixty three could see sixty eight before we're done today this is the mother models carbonation program fall football scoreboard show radio nine fifty W. W. J. at one forty five crystal are back with us and all of a sudden it Ford feel nothing but offense Chris alliance thank you Marvin Jones junior by the way was having a heck of a first quarter to touch down so far for Marvin Jones one from sixteen yards out and one from three yards out the lines holding a fourteen to seven advances the Vikings did get a nice drive about seventy three yards down the field Adam Feelin with an incredible catch in the back of the end zone slides in from twenty five to twenty five yard throw from Kirk cousins he got that TD however Caelan exited the game with a hamstring injury toward the end of the first quarter the lions lead at fourteen to seven the Vikings will have the ball around midfield when they come back for that second quarter Matthew Stafford eight of thirteen hundred and nine yards two touchdowns by the way the fastest to forty thousand yards in NFL history for Matthew Stafford around the NFL the rams and falcons tied at three points of peace there at the beginning of their second corps chase admins doing a heck of a David Johnson impression for the cardinals VS two scores from twenty yards out seventeen two zero the giants not looking great in east Rutherford also Lou whether playing a factor between the forty Niners in the red skins No score yet eight minutes to go in the first half of play Packers on the board it was Aaron Jones seven to three over the raiders at home beginning of the second quarter colts a touchdown for Zach Pascal from at Jacoby Brissett seven to nothing in the over the Texans also the dolphins they score a touchdown that's rare seven to six they lead the bills on the road the bangles and Jaguars are scoreless in Cincinnati more the fall football scoreboard shows coming up pull up the traffic and weather together net his albums of all time Steve Miller band fly like a released in may of nineteen seventy six fly like an eagle is the Steve Miller band the ninth studio album the album had three major singles the title track take the money and run the album eventually received quadruple platinum certification Rolling Stone voted the best album of nineteen seventy six eventually included on their list of the five hundred greatest albums of all time this artist who sued thirteen year old boy he was a one point five million dollar lawsuit in which the boy claimed he was thrown to the ground chipped a tooth and nail summer from nightmares and chronic bedwetting as a result who was the artist he was she was the victim of the years of wrestling for the boy's sister the case was eventually settled out of court WDBJ news time is one forty eight with traffic.

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