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Tony LaRussa as the new manager of the White Sox. We continue to take their phone calls on the still really surreal and surprising move. Even Ricana admitted that that was not what he was considering when the Press conference was had to fire Ricky Regnery a few weeks back, so we'll take your calls 3323776 while all the big names on the bears in the north that did not improve no Robinson, a still in concussion protocol did not crack. Remember Taylor. Gabriel found himself in concussion protocol last year and actually was out for quite some time. I'm not connecting those dots directly. I'm just refreshing your memory that there are some instances where players going to concussion protocol, and it does take a while to get back. Mac, who did not practice with the ankle injury yesterday, did not practice once again today, so that's two days in a row. Then the other big name is Cody White Hair. Those air the Big three. White hair again has that calf injury And this will be the second straight day that Cody white haired lady that I am actually personally with no inside information. Mork concerned with white hair than Robinson's availability that am Mac. I I've I am expecting Khalil to play again. I don't have any inside information, but I think of the three I would be most hopeful with his chances of playing now, if you look at Khalil Mack when he's been with the Bears, he usually place through the bumps and the bruises, But I do believe when he missed two games in 18 wasn't it due to an ankle injury? I think you are correct. So are correct. It's something you gotta monitor here. And you hope that at least their limited tomorrow the only good news that I see on this is that Cole commit. Put the back issue and he was limited yesterday was a full participant today, so they're going to need all hands on deck, especially if Robinson can't go offensively..

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