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Burke was a small town with a population of just three, thousand, four, hundred paypal. It was originally home to the Nimba people, but when Watt settlers arrived in the area during the mid eighteen hundreds as traditional landholders would dispossessed. Lock old indigenous people across. Australia. The Nimba paypal battled loss of land and culture were hit hod by European disease and experienced conflict with colonists. By the late nineteen, th century, their population had dwindled. While some continued to live a traditional lifestyle in the region surrounding book others found employment on nearby. CADDO stations. In the nineteen forties, burks indigenous population grew again with displaced people from other regions arrived. The majority of these indigenous settlers, Wonka Kamara able from the far north of west of New South Wales and two they included some of Cindy Smith's relatives. By the Light Nineteen S book was home to a mix of indigenous and white Australians at all as I tenor and workers who worked on the cotton farms in the surrounding area. How? Aboriginal paypal in the community were often subjected to racism and discrimination, and the town had a hawk crime right with significant levels of alcohol and drug abuse. Despite this Mona Smith Sister Fiona tall case, fall a generally felt luck safe place to live. Not the Cindy no Mona had ever traveled far from their hometown. The furthest away they had bain was the town of Vanguardia Neha like hated ninety seven kilometers north of Burke. Both goes will well known in that community and had a number of friends and acquaintances around town. On the evening of Saturday December five, they headed into burke at around seven thirty am. As it was early Summa, there was still daylight when they arrive. Cindy, who was the smaller of the two was wearing a blue yellow and white striped t shirt black tracksuit pants and blue onto why there's. No now was dressed in black tracksuit pants and navy blue Hoodie with the words Perisher Valley, on the hood what and blue football socks with red trim and a pair Verona's. Two goals went to the home of Mona's cousin eighteen year old Daniel booth. Then hung out knee his house for a little while. At around nine PM, they were saying walking back to the reserve. At four I am on the morning of Sunday December six, three farm workers, and to their wives left AFAM north of Burke to drive to a small town over the state border in southern Queensland. It was still dark outside when the six of them piled into two separate full will drives and made their way to the nearby Mitchell highway, which is a K- road link connecting New South Wales with Queensland. Locals referred to the stretch of highway bits Wayne Burke and the nearest town to the north and Ganja as Dan Gurney road. The rural two lane roadway measures about six meters wide and is bordered by red dirt and SPA Patches of scrub with toilet trays growing slightly further away. After traveling for about thirty minutes along engineer road the driver of the first vehicle bomb Bowman Tex Johnson spotted a horrific same. A what nineteen ninety, five Toyota high locks you'd sat wrecked by the side of the highway with Dravis, sod roofs smashed in and its windscreen lying on the ground. Nearby along the shoulder of the road was a buddy lying face-down. Techs told he's worth at dull to stay in the car while he got out to inspect the crash. He purged the body and saw that belonged to an adolescent Joe. She had seemingly tossed from the car then rolled into a hollow dude area by the side of the road that functioned as a drain. The girl had sustained severe injuries and was deceased. She was wearing black tracksuit pants and a navy blue, Hoodie. This same outfit that Burke Tain Mona Lisa Smith had been wearing the previous day. Adele than cold out of the car window that she could say, two more bodies knee scrub by the side of the road. But this time the second full will drive had arrived tend to pull Daiva. was being driven by Texas brother Shane. Batty who had also gotten out to survey this sane. Tech surprised the buddies that his wife had noticed. They were lying alongside one another on a shade of top Poland that looked as though it had been neatly laid out on the ground. One of the bodies was that of an aboriginal go dressed in the clothes of manolas cousin Cindy, a blue yellow and white striped t shirt and black tracksuit pants. While her. Covent, her torso and up a legs, her pants and underwear with both down around her ankles. A. Middle Aged white man my next to her he's left dom draped across her chest. On one corner of the top Holon said a half empty bottle of be. Shane check go for a pulse but found none. As the two brothers assessed the same the man lying along saw that the go stirred and to appearing peering groggy but uninjured. Shane informed the man that the two teenage girls in his company would buy the safest and referred to them using a racial slur A. The men looked up and insisted chain was wrong explaining that the two goals had too much to drink. He then lie down again giving his original position next to the deceased teenager. Shane got back into his vehicle and drove to Wanganui to report the crash while everyone else I'd behind that the same. Tax again attempted to inform demand that the girls were both dead, but he became abusive in response telling tax to fuck off. Eventually texts the other bomb hand and the women decided to follow Shane to Angola Neha, which was thirty four kilometers north of their location. It was five I am when Shane arrived at Anglia and alerted the police. Constables Kevin Hoffa and Ken McKenzie said out immediately arriving at the scene of the crash at five forty five. They saw Mona Lisa Smith's body lying on the shoulder of the roadway and a man standing by the damaged Toyota a high locks near the top Poland where Cindy Smith lay. The offices noticed that Cindy's tastes shirt was.

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