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Ways to win. This is boxing with chris manning. Somebody punched him in the face. Joshua is composed and ferocious spanish. Your watch this hosted by s. Is chris mannix. That was my moments now with interviews analysis and every thing going on in the world of boxing when you have talent you are given another chance. Here's chris mannix all right. Welcome back to another episode of boxing with chris. Mannix part of the volume sports podcast network. Pretty quiet weekend in boxing so why not bring in one of the least quiet people. In all of boxing. Lou dibella longtime boxing promoter boxing broadcaster boxing television producer. He joins me and we talk about all the big picture topics in boxing from judging two fighters getting vaccinated to the taffy. Molo pez george campus. Fight we get into the various broadcast networks. That are having various degrees of success. And if luke could promote one fighter from this young crop of top guys who would he pick great conversation with luda bella as always best way to support the podcast get over at apple. Podcasts post a comment leave a rating. It's simple it's easy. It's free is the best way to make sure that we keep doing this podcast week after week. That's it all right onto the show. Slow weekend in boxing. We were supposed to have the deontay wilder tyson fury three showdown in las vegas. That was scrapped weeks ago. Of course because tyson theory came down with kobe. Nineteen there's an interesting fight on saturday with joe joyce heavyweight contender. He's back in action. But it's relatively quiet in the world of boxing. So i figured i'd tackle some big picture. Topics here on this podcast. Do better to tackle them with. But one of my favorite podcasts guests guy that gets irrationally angry for absolutely no reason who makes phone calls to reporters the middle of the night. S- just loves and hates boxing. In equal measure. The great lou dibella president of dibella entertainment. What's up blue. It's a little bit of a double edged sword row because you guys call me in the middle of night regularly. I that's fair but there's equal amounts coming out coming out the going in. I mean there. There are fewer fewer ways in boxing. Entertain yourself taking advantage of the few left. That's that's fair. all right lou. I wanna talk to tackle a few subjects here. I wanna go back to this past weekend because this is still newsy. It's it's i'll explain why it's newsy in a minute. Still we had a good fight between branka stagno and your malchow low in texas costano charles over the undisputed one hundred fifty four pound championship of back and forth type flight that it looked like estonia was controlling the early rounds. Charlotte made a late surge in the final three. It ended in a draw. Which would have been okay. I guess except for the one scorecard submitted by nelson vasquez what wants seventeen one. Eleven in layman's terms. He added nine rounds to three in favor of djamil. Charlie which is absolutely absurd as a scorecard up. Let's get your reaction..

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