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Of sport from around the world Here's Dan Schwartzman Thanks Brian At the Australian open two C Daniel Medvedev needing four sets of hands to the third round over Nick Kyrgyz while 11 see Yannick sinner moves on and straight sets coming up later tonight 7 seeded Matteo baritone is in action against 31st seat Carlos alcaraz Looking at the women's draw 17 seat Emma ratana is beating three sets by danka COVID niche while 14 seats Simona Halep advances in straight sets Later the night four seed Barbara krejcikova 15 Maria sakari and 8 seated Paolo badosa played third round matches Barcelona has been worn by the professional footballers association in Spain that their treatment of winger osmani deadly could be illegal The club has told the 24 year old he needs to leave by the end of the month after down below did not agree to a new contract to stay at the club past June Then he was also drawn from today's Copa del Rey match against Athletic Bilbao Liverpool advances to the final of the carabao cup with a two millisecond leg win over arsenal at Emirates as Diogo Jota scores a race to win two nil agad The reds will next face Chelsea in the final on February 27th at Wembley Meanwhile Real Madrid comes back from a gold deficit extra time to be an LG two to one to move on to the court of finals of the Copa del Rey while Barcelona is knocked out of the tournament three to two extra time as the political vow advances to the quarters In Italy Rome advancing to the quarterfinals that Copa battalion with a three to one win over leche I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take this is a Bloomberg business flash Hi everybody 13 minutes before the top of the hour We update markets every 15 minutes on Bloomberg radio I'm Brian Curtis in the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio in Los Angeles U.S. equity futures are now down about 8 tenths of a percent so it looks like the sell off may continue All the markets in the Asia Pacific are trading lower at the moment led by pretty steep losses in Sydney now the SX 200 down 1.9% in EK off 1.4% We've seen an aggressive sell off in tech shares particularly on Wall Street the NASDAQ tumbled another 1.3% the NASDAQ now in correction mode We also have the topics which has corrected 10% or so Some of the other markets that are trading lower the tax index in Taiwan is off 1.4% the cost of trading down 1.1% We did have some positive economic news trading news out of South Korea this morning The first 20 days exports of the month up 22% first 20 days of imports rising 38.4% mixed economic data in Japan consumer prices failing to accelerate toward the bank of Japan's target in December consumer prices excluding fresh food rose at 0.5% in December from a year earlier analysts were looking for a gain of 0.6% On the earnings side Netflix disappointed losing 20% in after hours the company had its forecast for new subscribers surprisingly low at 2.5 million subs for this first quarter of the year it actually added 8.28 million subscribers in the fourth quarter of last year so that was indeed a disappointment You'll own the ten year treasury 1.76% Bonds up yields down today and that is a Bloomberg business flash It's 12 minutes before the top of the list get a news update with Ed Baxter Ed All right thank you Brian the South Korea president Moon Jae-in's approval rating has fallen one percentage point to 41% This is Gallup polling Biden administration says it is monitoring real-time.

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