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. Traffic and weather on the 8s, every ten minutes here on WTO, Jack Taylor in the traffic center We'd add a little heavy traffic downtown, riding D.C. two 95 northbound, leaving the 11th up toward Pennsylvania avenue, southbound passing east capitol street, and there was a little bit of a slowdown as you came out of the third street tunnel headed toward the outbound 11th street bridge. You're looking good on New York avenue, no troubles late in the third street tunnel. Now we've got our work on the beltway in Virginia, causing a little bit of a slowing out of Maryland as you head down toward the George Washington Parkway in Georgetown pike. Work was along the left side of the roadway without delay in Alexandria. There had been a crew on the outer loop in the local lanes after telegraph road along the left side of the roadway doing work. 66, two slow spots coming east after the fairfax county Parkway toward 50, then near netley toward the beltway. We think the work eastman after Natalie had been along the right side. Dumfries road north before the Prince William Parkway, the work was along the left side. Very slow, jammed on 95 north, trying to get into Fredericksburg after route three, the work is along the left side of the roadway. Good ride on the George Washington Parkway so far. Really no troubles late in Maryland through Montgomery and prince George's county's inner or outer loop, two 70s fine north and south between Bethesda and Frederick, three O one of the nice Mac Middleton bridge headed north on three O one, Virginia and Maryland, we'd had work along that span of the bridge in the right lane, 50 out of the bay bridge, the work zones on the westbounds fan today, and that's blocking the left plane without slowing your good through Annapolis and buoy back toward the beltway. Nice and quiet between the beltways on 95 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway, no late worries there. We're also looking good as you make your chip bath through southern Maryland along two ten, riding north and south on 5 even in and out on route four through upper Marlboro. Attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supply is opening in beltsville around the corner from MLK middle school. Visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing, HVAC, water systems, and PVF needs. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Two storm team fours chuck bell. We are starting to see some amount of sunshine break out across the area. Enjoy it because sunshine is going to be hard to find tomorrow. Thursday looks bright

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