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Okay. I hate the shit side kicking. Y brought some girls to meet you. Where would you bring regular bimbos now? And I've been bows debt been Betts, o bachelor party. No, the one with the kid from the data girl, my hometown and fucking the Matt Dillon, Matt Dillon, nineteen Eighty-four. Heck they're Lozano and about a kid who league in the summer. He goes up to the fucking Mingo kid. Mango. Oh my God. He was in the Flamingo kid. So when I went to additional, all right, I love the Flamingo kid. That's all it takes one person that God I was like, this is legit. This This is. is. I took this movie on, forget the fucking cost of land. He goes, what are you? Would you bring? Ralphie may give me a shirt. It was our Angela, his shirts. I got five x didn't fit him no more that somebody gave him. I was like four exit time coked up to Gilles you know, who was in that movie to look it up. You got nothing and giving the names that was a guy in that movie that was married to the chick NYPD blue. That one that was married to Jimmy Smits on the show the brunette. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So this is really beautiful. Second Chilean person on the cast. Oh, yeah. They had to move me up who's number one, Greg. Lindsay. Okay. Who's Val Orrin keep the rest is alphabet. He breathing Philip Angeletti, Benjamin carpenter, joke, cotija joke, Ortiz. Joe coretec joke. What is Joe? Cortez story guys. You're gonna die about this one. That sounds for this guy was a bit. He's still around Joe Cortez still around about seventy. Looks good. Goes in for a few roles from time to time looks real good. Oh, my goodness. What joke what does was fucking dude? That in the eighties was just a woman killer in this town don't really. And the story goes, he was Miami vice. He got it. He was the original Don Johnson. He was the original. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Who's he with agency? I don't have problems. I should logged in mind. Oh, he's still alive. He's alive. He was chasing. Yeah, Joe Cortez look good. Had a tremendous career in this town, seventy two American history, x z in that. Yeah. Joe Cortez brow was a bad motherfucker, but Joe Cortez was the original Don Johnson. Don Johnson did walk in addition fried. I nailed it. Is that what happens at the story? Yeah, it's like you got it. Stephen is easy. You're the guy and then Don Johnson walks Lassen go, see someone just go see this Don Johnson at the time was hanging out, like with fucking Frank, Zappa Don Johnson was like a go. Don- Johnson was hanging out with. Either let it skin it all your umbrellas. So somebody doesn't this. In fact, one of those bands say that he co wrote a song like Don Johnson was like a fucking actor in this town. That was just a good looking guy, but he was flocking tearing up. He was married to Melanie Griffin. I think he married Melanie, Griffin's mother, Don Jackson has an interesting story. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He did some Pippi something. He these fucking nuts, Don Johnson, really, but Don Johnson walked into that thing on Friday and got it. And the rest of fucking history Jerko TASR his dude that he turned down friends and he looks like a dick who turned this doesn't active. That's out that he was in the movie with Gina Davis in nineteen ninety five with Gina Davis did with the black dude who's the black through that does all the Spike Lee movies, DJ or Wesley Snipes the DJ do the right thing come on guys because the great. Commercials. Now he's huge. Who's the biggest black acting president from twenty four, twenty four. Oh, no, no, no, no. By the way, Philip Joe court, Dan's all those guys, we did that movie. You got nothing and I made. It didn't make any money can do. Nothing. Nothing. A lot of those movies don't. It was such a shame because why would doing they kept talking about their lives and then money the investment they had, they weren't trying to spend. They really keeping the budget low. I mean, that wasn't a nice hotel motel six and Sacramento. How really exciting I have like eight days on the movie..

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