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Robbery at a coral gables jewelry store on Wall Street Thursday the Dow gained twenty points the S. and P. game nearly five today BBC the clouds will thicken up as we go through the night tonight will drop to thirty five for the eventual low on Friday some rain moves in most of it in southern Ohio we can get a little of that here in Columbus then we clear out in the afternoon the higher on forty four Saturday sunshine in forty two I'm ABC six first warning chief meteorologist Marshall make peak on your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN some not live from somewhere deep below the Europe this is coast to coast AM with George Noory on so we will be back in a moment with Catherine Austin Fitts Solari report dot com talking about missing twenty one trillion dollars and some other issues we'll take calls with Catherine next hour by the way the art bell vaults is up and running for coast insiders couple brand new programs dropped in yesterday March nineteen ninety nine interview with George Carlin that's a great one and also he talked with the celebrated actor Dan Aykroyd about his interest in UFOs and the paranormal so take advantage of it when you're coast insider there's something else you can take advantage of a free newsletter.

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