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Guide crushing the five barriers to growth you'll learn how to acquire new customers increased profits and finally get real visibility into your cash flow get net suites guide crushing the five barrister growth when you go to next week dot com slash patrick now download the free crushing the fi barriers to growth guide today and that's we got komsolets patrick net sweet dot com slash patrick stay tuned for sixty seconds of ap news headlines right after this podcast the redan patrick bev patrick shellpocked sports radio can hear me everyday rig lockheed's your new pacific park sports radio iheartradio app or serious xm channel eighty three uh there's new report out about the lakers and like oh we're looking for the future and up he ears report and i'll tell you what it says and then i'll tell you what i kind of read into it this ramona shelburne an aide your words now ski course uh hard at work both are awesome on the lakers are abandoning their pursuit there a summer pursuit of stars but rather there recalibrate in their focus on the two thousand nineteen class that's when collide leonard like thompson both southern california guys and jimmy butler could become available the believe the story goes on to say is that the lakers or cutting an unapologetic path to salary cap freedom for 2 max contracts this july in the pursuit of the ron paul george demarcus cousins cousins has torn achilles george suggested espn's rachel nichols that the thunder have an advantage and resigning him and james is believed to have reluctance towards signing with the lakers without and established stock right they can't get uh they might not be able to get paul george and we can't get paul george why would the brunt com.

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