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Your ride through stop at taco bell also it's only special cars that will do this not body not ever you have to so you'll have to plan ahead you can't decide when you're in the car oh yeah i wanna taco you have to now you're saying sankoh you know what i'm going to get the taco car that's what that's what you do now i don't know if it's a car that looks like a atherton says it's detter sounds like it would be a bonus sounds like it would be uncomfortable to ride in a car that's kind of folded up like that all right said it time for one more story of tragedy oh frank sinatra's wife has died twenty years now after frank died barbara sinatra she was ninety years old francs sinatra of course guide what twenty somali years ago barb was his fourth wife and his longest wife army he was married her longer than to anybody else nancy media ava gardner nancy you meat meal barrow meet our ava gardner as before me affair ava gardner was the one who ava gardner was who he always wanted demeri and did finally after stealing and she was horrible with him well because he is a horrible a person i mean he was pretty horrible frank was a senior rebutting knows that it didn't to didn't even have like some special power over him yeah yeah he was dislike completely smitten by yeah and speedy her suitor for years and has finally gave in and then you know who she was mary to when he was really trying together mickey rooney is that right now it's going to be a thorough her twitter account and there was a couple of days ago there was a a picture that she sent out of her refrigerator filled with root beer and i mean filled with root beer cans root beer and the caption was i am just fine because i have rupiah's fruit fiat you follow you pharaoh on twitter fillon re tweeted it on now i gotta go rumer disappears into her.

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