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The team on the ground and to make sure everything was ready when ta bell reigned that in san francisco he realized there was a problem and dicle jarred day geoghegan to join him jarred was back in chicago still pretending to be silk road employ a serious when he found out he was needed in san francisco he arranged for another homeland security agent to pose poses serious while he was on the plane jar then mode backing a serious when he landed in san francisco as soon as jarred landed he met with aging cristaldo and two other men one of them was named grocery especial agent with the fbi new york and the other men was thomas keenan the computer scientists from the fbi sauber com division kenyan was there to take care of russell left off to the arrest it was imperative that the laptop stayed open and pale would own inflammation lock ross posting on forms about silk road and logging onto his computer at the exact same thomas the dread poorer rub its logged on silk road would be with nothing without the contents of his computer a lawyer could easily argues that was nothing more than a coincidence and the fact the fpr needed ross's laptop to make a case was part of the problem tomba was now facing tom bell explained that the team responsible for the arrest wooden bay the fbi change from new york that would be a local taint from san francisco although the fbi investigation was conducted in the new york office when it came to arrests there was a matter jurisdiction that had the be respected said because ross was in san francisco the san francisco tame would make the arrest the problem vein the san francisco tame went part of the investigation they didn't know much about ross so the dread par rubbers and went fully aware of the implications if they didn't get access to his laptop bull the san francisco new was that ross was considered extremely dangerous they had seen the chart logs from the server way he ordered at the mood is of could a screen friendly chemist tiny seventy six and attorneys three partners so because of the san francisco team was going to arrest him with the assistance of a swat team swat nine for entering pices and defrost hood than coming it would give him.

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