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Illness, Dr Francis Collins, telling senators in a hearing today, the pause in the trial confirmed safety is the top priority in the development of a vaccine. This ought to be reassuring to everybody listening when we say we're going to focus first on safety and make no compromises here is exhibit A. The U. S. Has averaged about 36,000 new cases each day for the past seven days. A man was found dead this morning from an apparent heart attack at an Upper West Side hotel where homeless people have been staying during the pandemic. This was at the Lucerne on West 79 ST Ah, location that has been prompting complaints from neighbors. This morning, Mayor de Blasio said the people who had been staying there will soon be transitioning back to city run shelters is the beginning of a larger effort to come back from those hotels. Get back into our traditional shelter system. Continue moving. People are homeless, too permanent, affordable housing and remember well over 100,000 New Yorkers who are homeless had been moved to permanent, affordable housing when I keep doing that. But this is something that was clear from the beginning. It was a temporary measure, and now it's time to start going back to what we had before the city says Transfers will also begin at a hotel in Queens, though they have not said which one If you want to hear the finalists for the 2020 class of the National Toy Hall of Fame, Sorry, not withholding information here, the museum's chief curator, Chris Bench, says. That's one of them. There are five games from really long term ones like bingo that everyone knows the more recent ones like Jenga, and also classics like Risk. Sorry and Yacht. My Little Pony Light, Bright masters of the Universe and sidewalk Chalk are also Finalists. Former Marvel Comics editor Christian Cooper has written his first comic book. Now in 20 years. It's inspired by what happened to him in Central Park. That's where he was out Bird watching when a white woman called the cops falsely claiming that he was threatening her when he asked her to put her dog on a leash. DC Comics recently approached him to write a comic book as part of their new Siri's called Represent that showcases artists from underrepresented groups in the industry. It's a bird features a black teen whose arrest while birdwatching then through his binoculars. He sees images of victims of police violence, including Amadou Diallo and George Floyd. Cooper notes that the binoculars used in this story or significant because they represent his own pair, which was a gift from his father. It's a bird is now available online 80 degrees. It's cloudy. We are going down to 72. You could see some rain tonight Wins news Time at 2 37 Big news for walking Dead fans. 10 10 wins Entertainment next Hi Lucy from Texas here, With more of our.

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