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I've been practicing this in my life unconsciously for years of noticed that whether it was my mother cooking for me on my father or whether it was my sister or my wife or a friend i would always always appreciate my gratitude for the work that went into it. I've never been a cook. And i find it very difficult so i really realize how much effort goes into cooking just thanking someone for the f. time that put in even if it's interacting the way they interact with your children the way that person comes home from work in a positive mood whatever it may be just noticed. Sta and be specific. I often talk about the importance of being specific when it comes to gratitude and signs backs that up in an analysis of nine thousand hundred different studies on gratitude researchers found that when someone expressed gratitude about something specific instead of something more general the person they expressed their gratitude to was more likely to pay it forward to go out and make a contribution to the world at large. It's great to tell someone. I love you or i appreciate you. But if you're really specific your words or more impactful and memorable they also help you learn what words and actions your partner values most so when you do your little thing when you have your focus minute together say something like i really appreciate how you read books to the kids late at night so i could go to bed a little earlier. Thank you or. I'm grateful that you took the car for an oil change so i could take that zoom call. That was really helpful. And i like that. You're such a great teammate. In that way. Or i just want to tell you that the sweater you're wearing really shows off your eyes and then one of my favorite features of yours. Hey creating a new routine. Even a simple one can be hard. Science shows that when we link a new routine to something we already do. It's easy to maintain so try linking. You're focused minute to something you already do. And they already do. Maybe you do it when you're drinking your coffee or tea.

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