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806 064263 or inside Lexington. Call direct to Edo cats or you can post question on the Kentucky football Facebook page from Dennis. He just says it's not really a question. This is the first play the missing man. Uh, look there that waiting for landed to come on the field said that you guys that miss that play really got to his heart and that there's some absolutely great dudes. They're in an offensive line. Yeah, there really are, Um A lot of great great young men in that offense, Align room and John's done a great job recruitment developing those kids for years. And that really was a good idea. And somebody asked me earlier in the week or right after the game. Maybe who that who came up with that and I'm Wasn't exactly sure. I think it was Dan. Dan. Dan is kind of my right hand man. Yeah, He's the chief of staff. Damn Bresil wits and and it was him or one of the guys had mentioned it and then You know, I thought right away. I'm like that's a great idea and be great weight on our John. And then it kind of went away, You know, and we had so much going on, Um, for a few days there was overwhelming and then Come Friday. I'm sitting there. I'm kind of jumping down. I'm like, what are we doing here? Let's get Let's get on. Let's plan this and let's get it done. And we did, and I thought it was Very appropriate and, you know, I know the players really liked it. And it was a class act by Derrick Mason and Vanderbilt because Derek right away and have a really good relationship with him, But Derek would do that for anybody, because that's just who he is. He's a class act and does things right. You know, he and I were talking for a long time part of the game and I forgot to even bring it up. So I knew it wouldn't be an issue with him. Um, and he was already kind of in tune to it from the officials meeting, I guess, but But then my kind of called him back over. It said. Hey, Derek, I'm gonna do this in the first place I got he didn't even bad night said. I'm classes declining that right from the start, so Doesn't surprise me. He's a class act on did it? It was great, Dude, you referenced one of them. I think I said Quincy Wilson's quick, quick, quick offensive line. Let's go.

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