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Now it's time for command line love and this one I saw the Internet's Martin whim press please outs in a very obvious humble brag about how many CPU? Has. What's this then Martin? What's this all about? Well, you may remember we talked about bash top a little while ago and we send Yan's and alm file wave youtube videos and blog posts, and all the rest of it saying how this was an amazing system monitoring tool for your command line. Well, Bash talk is dead. About. Well it's been fine. Because they've been working on be Pi Top, which is. Yes they need to work on the name I. saw somebody coming on twitter they should have cooled it by top Pie. Bash Topi, are you just put Wi on the end Bash Topi which would have been quite good. Anyway, it's a pipe, an implementation of the same tool. It's be pie top is available as a snap. It's also instill liberal via pip and you run be Pi top and it does all the same things except and here is why I had that picture. I was running bashed, top all my new supercomputer, which I will talk about next week. And Bash crashed because it couldn't cope with all the 'cause I wind to the. Website to file a bug or see if this was an issue and there was a big banner saying be Pi top is the success. So I went to that page read it did a snapping stole connected some interfaces. I'm be Pi top works absolutely fine. So I didn't have to raise my bug on the dead bashed III started using be top instead I could see all sixty four threads during nothing. While doing something for a very short amount of time and then doing nothing right So be pie is the new bashful indeed. Thanks. and. Now it's time for all of your wonderful feedback. Ratchet emailed us. Love. The show just wanted to let you know time.

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