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Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart. It seems mart as show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart. Collar Moore is going at one is he going to the cardinals debatable. I think that's a pretty strong possibility. I'd sign off on that. But I think he's going at one there. So I don't I mean forty Niners could use them. They've been playing Earl Mitchell knows for God knows how long which he's still always impressed me that he was never that big. But he played zero one shade. Like, nobody's business. Three. The jets could use them play 'em. At knows there. I think the realistic spot for him is that first raiders pick. I think one he feels like a raiders guy. I think. Think that Gruden maybe laying the foundation for some quarterback b s in hopes that people move up ahead of him to get Bosa or Quinton Williams to follow or I guess Josh Allen. Shale is is the apple of his I personally like I'm trying to see through all this crap. I think especially given what what they just missed out on by shipping. Khalil mack. I think Josh Allen is absolutely the guy. Jon Gruden wants. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, why not get your own von Miller in division with von Miller. This is what he wants. Arms race. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. At the end of the day, the the absolute floor for Williams is five at Tampa. Because I mean at that point yet for this year you bring him in. He's in every down player and you swap through. Mccoy and Vida as your to a to b so he he's easily easily a top five pick pretty firmly atop three picking my mind. So curious to see what happens there the forty Niners actually take another defensive lineman like another another three four fit defensive lineman. I mean, it definitely could be the fours long arm said Thomas. I think I think if they do I think that's waving the flag on Solomon Thomas when they took him. I didn't think they were gonna use him the right way in the first place, and they didn't I don't think he was built to do what they wanted to do with him. I calmed him to Michael Bennett who has been a unbelievably steady forty three. Outside early down guy inside NASCAR package on passing down sky. And they just have done that with him. He was another guy that got the Aaron Donald comp which made no sense. But that's again another stupid size comparison. When I look at Salomon Thomas, I think about maybe one of the most unsexy defensive line pigs ever just kind of like a lunch pail guy at Stanford. Not a flash, dude. But you know, strong like good quickness smart player. John Lynch is kinda got an ego on him. I think with some of the things that he does I thought like I thought it took some ego to do with what they did taking Reuben foster because you have to think pretty highly of yourself with given its history to think like we're going to bring him in as how big deal like like, I can I can change him. I played for the book nears with Tony dungee and Jon Gruden. I can do anything. So. I don't know. It's it's too bad. That Thomas has been miscast..

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