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Penny what's happening so my daughter bought a car from arapahoe a used car rap ajo hyundai mark did you ever deal with them i just bought a vehicle from them probably less in six weeks or two months ago whatever the hell it was how'd you pick them mark price purely price okay go ahead penny what happened so shibata on june eighteenth and then two days later the check engine light came on so she took one year was this card penny it's an old five five what five one mazda six oh we did we start talking about this i thought for some reason i thought i heard this but okay an five mazda six at arapahoe on day and the engine light went on and now what so we took it back and they pulled the code on it and it was for a coolant thermostat failure so they said they replace it for two hundred and eighty five dollars okay and we said well she's had it less than two days so but you we have this discussion a million times when you buy a used cars as is that's life however everyone feels the same everyone no matter what i say everyone feels the same in there must be a reason because it's that factor that okay technically i bought it as is but calm on i only had it a few minutes and i get you so did they do anything for you know they didn't so and that was fine because we bought it as byu should've gone somewhere else though to get it fixed we did okay so we took it to our mechanic like better business bureau stellar somebody you love somebody you know somebody you've been around okay right so they did the second part where she was going on a road trip to chicago and a couple of weeks so when she took it there she writes needed something right right right so you went by the way to where to get it fixed you mind saying who you're good guy is you don't have to i mean i'm i'm sure that they would appreciate a good word eagle automotive circuits services and littleton okay and and how'd you find them years ago just through online and they're they're close to our house all right well thank you we're always looking for good people that's why i asked so okay keep going okay so we took it in there and they did the check they did a a full diagnostic this is your the the place you like right the ego now why didn't you do that before you bought it because we well you know what we should have but we didn't so what did your eagle people the good people that you like what did they find out about this used car that your daughter bought the check engine they came up with the same code but they took it out and they couldn't get to all the thermostat needed replacing right so so what happened did they do it so yes we we ultimately had the third reich replace the problem today okay so the he took the car about a week after that and was on her way to chicago they checked the car car out and they said change the oil because it's really thirty they said that you know other than that the cars solid okay so you'll have a problem what's the reason for the call today so she was on her way to chicago and she was in iowa and the engine blew up oh my god hold on what do you mean blew up what do you.

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