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I sit there and wonder that a lot yesterday. I was driving down the highway. And I'll look over and I see. To after American girls in the car next to me, and I see an old. I actually were texting about earlier an old Clinton lawyer, t shirt. And I'm like. It was it was really awesome. I wouldn't even Cup series when he's run this car. And so it was like, okay, I give you that you may have found that or. Wherever. But I'm like, I'm right here. You know, so there's still. I don't know if it's a lack of communication, or if they're just like at the end of the day, you know, I'm, I'm a critic of many sports, and if somebody's not good, then I cheer form. Right. So I think I'm not gonna say it's a black thing because I think it's everybody everybody wants to cheer for winter, you know, and everybody wants to not everybody wants to underdog. So it's, it's different but we look at results at the end of the day, I'm I'm guilty of it. It's like a who's going to win this game. You give me two matchups. I go back and look at the results and they have a losing record. I'm not gonna cheerful, you know, I am curious about this limbo, your t shirt on like I do has really deep into this real. Yeah. Yes. I don't I don't know. I it's funny. I wasn't gonna roll down the window. On, you know so it's different today's level, like when I was in college the racing jackets big deal what they be account. Raise Rajak is another thing to have Clinton boy teacher this indicates sophistication. Yes. Expect you to have. Yes. Absolutely. So it's I was pretty funny pretty funny. I, we'll be back with more with Bubba Wallace in a minute, but first, a credit cards, keeping you up at night interest rates in the double digits. Be smart and pay off your credit card balances with credit card and solid, Dacian lone light Streep, get a fixed rate as low as five point nine five percent APR. With auto pay. You could say thousands.

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