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Bachelor number one. Describe your first date with Fags. E. I think we would be at a beach, half clothed and a nice bottle of Rosa. Oh, God. Can I come. Bachelor number two. Same question. It's simple. Describe your first date with Fags. -i cabin in the woods hot tub and no clothes. Ooh, you did hear me say I state. Horse appearance Hanford. So sounds like a first date to me. All right. So you're feeling good about these answers right back Zine feeling good? Yeah. All right, but that's just the first question here is, question number two, bachelor number one. You I at the end of your first date with tax. Would he get a hug? Goodbye, a kiss on the lips or trip to the bathroom. Look, some no whore. No, but you kiss on the first day, I like your style. Same question for you. Bachelor number two. At the end of the first state where to get a hug, goodbye, kiss on the lips or trip to the bathroom. Let's really set the precedence. I'm an up the anti trip to the bathroom. I love it. Wow. All right. Blushing a little bit. I tell you dating is different than what I was in the dating scene. All right. Question number three. And this one is important because you really wouldn't. You agree. You really have to find out about someone's character, body sexy, fine, but it's about what's in their heart. I'm sorry, I misread that fart. Because nothing makes bags e laugh like a good quality fart. Sound effects, love, bachelor. Number one. Please make your best fart noises. Ooh. Will do. Bachelor number two thoughts are very important fact z. I.

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