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It's the great imitator. It's the, it's the the great Hyder. So, yeah, bad stuff is happening to your body in the varying stages of syphilis. So one thing you might do is to course you make cover things up since we are wearing clothes, we're wearing makeup. You can apply clothing and makeup to cover up your source. Yeah. In fact, simplest just creates his whole cottage industry of of different things you can buy in due to either feel better or look better. So there might be some sort of snake oil that you can buy. Right that has absolutely no medical merit, or you might visit your local wig maker quite a bit. Because again, you want to cover up the ball patch on your head or the baldness so that people don't suspect that you have syphilis. And if you are prostitute, a merkin is a must, because yeah, you might be saving your PB care anyway to cut down on lice. But then you also might have an outbreak of syphilis down there. You want to disguise the sign. So you get a wig for your genitals also called a merkin, which is. Not a muppet character. Yeah, there apparently used a lot now in for films, especially historical films. Yeah, yeah. But historically, it was more a matter of venereal diseases for the men generally wasn't really an option because the well, there's just more to cover up down there and just do a Google search. You'll see what I'm talking about. All right. Yeah, there are some logistics there that you can't quite cover with a merkin, but what happens when your nose caves in and your flesh begins to rot away? Well, this creates a problem and in general it, it was kind of a rough time for noses. Anyway, if you'll remember the story of Tico Broadway the the astronomer. I think we didn't episode or at least he's come. He comes up at time sewed. Yeah, yeah, fascinating. Individual I, there may be some biographers that that creep syphilis in there, but but I think it's pretty established that that he lost the nose in a dual. So on on one level. Well, you can lose that knows in a dual living an adventurous lifestyle, getting yourselves into arguments with other armed gentlemen, but you can also acquire syphilis through your adventurous lifestyle. And then you see the saddle, nose eventual rotting away of the nose. So one thing you can do is you can buy a fake nose to wear over your destroyed knows and this is this is simple. That sounds if you've ever seen a digital underground video and you've seen Humpty hump with the the big fake nose on his on his face who, incidentally, according to the backstory losted frying accident, I believe so. So no dueling or syphilis involved with Humpty, but but it's basically the same scenario. A fake knows that is strapped onto the body or held with wires over the over the the the, the vacant area. Yeah. In fact, in this is according to Lindsey, fa- terrorist who is a medical historian and writes on the Cairo jn apprentice, which is a great website documenting medical surgeries. She writes that this deformity was so common amongst those suffering from the pox as it was sometimes called the no no's clubs sprang up in London on February eighteenth eighteen seventy four. The star reported miss ten born tells us in central gentleman, having tankan taken a fancy to see a large party of knows Lois persons invited everyone, thus afflicted whom he met in the streets to dine on a certain day at a tavern where he formed them into a brotherhood and on this site again that Lindsey fits Harris has put together. There is a great example of one of these sort of noses that attached to a pair of glasses that's attached to. A sort of almost like a headgear like early headgear braces, and it's one that that a female patient war. Yeah. And you can imagine that Warren with a wig and it makes makes perfect sense. And you know, the no no's club also makes a lot of sense because if you're you're dealing with this illness, you're having to cover yourself up and where this this, this fake knows over your your your face. I mean, there's gonna come a time when you want to be able to just take that off and be yourself no matter what has happened to yourself in this illness. You wanna be able to just say, hey, here we are..

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