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Very long. Let's get back to the dude. How much respect that macho man have for Sherry to let her take lead on the Promo? She got more than he did respect. Just think good she zero to feel the rest of the time Who have some fun working with thinking? Yeah she's got it was it like doing the The brother love show with that pear. And Sousse I mean had to be some of the best shave ever did. Yeah because all I had to do is talk to them and then we would have then we would come up with a line for tiny to do but I I loved it because is much shit as we talk about in the back you never knew what was going to come out of any one of our mouths once we got out there with a microphone in front of us so that part was fun and I used to share. Used to love to try to get me to break in. I would try to get her to break and sat savage just would but Sharon would always try to have fun like that. Good Times man my other favorite Promo. You gotta find the one where they're building The the match. The movie the no-holds-barred Christmas in December of nineteen eighty nine. I JUST PHENOMENAL. Promo where you see. I'm not GonNa play the audio because you've just got to see it but Jerry climbs the fucking cage and then trust to get off camera and tries to scoot around from the front to the back where you can't see your but she's still on camera. Just Gracia we should mention made a mainstream appearance in late. Nineteen Ninety Sharing Randy appear on the lifestyles of the rich and famous hosted by Robin Leach. I don't know that we've talked about that since we did. Our million dollar man episode any memories of the appearance here by Sherry and Randy on the show. Yeah this wasn't. This wasn't as in depth as the one that the did with DB OSCE and it was just kind of all set pieces in everything. But it wasn't really that in depth. But it was nice exposure for Randy and Liz and a way to get that Macho King Gimmick out there Robin loved US Robin Leach and was really good partner worked with us often anytime he saw something. Hey this would be. Wacky was A. Hey what if And Sherry in in fucking King Macho King was though some entertaining shit man. I just can't help but but brag about how wonderful she was with the Macho King. You know as we're so scrolling through memory lane here I remembered inner feud with With Sapphire and this has become an internet. Meme in the most recent year so And I think the title is something like a win. The Chili's bartender cuts you and your friend off. You know after you know five Margaritas. And they're both just flipping out and share. He's yelling pointing at the camera. You're a common woman which is so great considering the dusty was calling himself the common man and just phenomenal staff take a tip of the cap to Sherri Martel this weekend and go look up so these promos this weekend as you're finding some some old wrestling to enjoy the rest of the nineteen ninety as we head into wrestlemainia seven to ninety one cherry of course still managing the. Macho man are the macho king as it were wrestlemainia seven. Of course we were building towards a retirement match with the ultimate warrior when Warrior wins the match. The mashes over sheer gets in. The ring starts yelling at Randy. Then she starts to kick him and then. Elizabeth who was in the crowd jumps over the guard. Rail runs down. The AL grabbed Sherri by the hair throws are out of the ring then Randy and Liz or hugging and reunited one of the most emotional moments in wwf. History fans are showed on camera crying. Onscreen we've covered this. In the archives you can enjoy a wrestlemania seven episode but really phenomenal moment in wrestling history and Sherry says earlier in the day before doors were open randy and lists came to the show together and gave me a present. The thanks for the two years together and it was a phantom of the opera mask with a necklace built into it Ah PRETTY COOL sign of respect for some of the all time greats go into Sherri Martel here. Yeah and they. They truly love each other. I mean the three of them yet was we. We had great times on the road and family. So this was this was way of saying thank you and thank you for stepping in and and being there and never being that headache and pain in the ass could sometimes rise with those situations and Sherry played it to perfection. She was a part of the family. And I think Randy in Radian. Liz both really loved her. Later in the show Sherry within a company Ted Diaz into the ring and become his manager. So she's off the million dollar. She's off the Macho gang she's owned the million dollar man. Why was this decision? Made Well Randy was going away for a while. We didn't WANNA lose the Star Power Sensational Sherri and you had the dynamic of Virgil with Ted Diaz. But we didn't have that dynamic of Ted with a female and this was just that Opportunity Sherry was great. It would add another dimension. A whole `nother you know you look at. What Cherry did for Macho King and everyone could argue randy? Savage didn't need manager Randy savage. Didn't need anybody comes. Promos form and no didn't need anyone to be out at the ringed enhances matches. However when you did that you went holy Shit. What a package. And that's the same thing as how we looked at the million dollar man Ted to be awesome. Didn't need a manager. Ted Did need someone enhances matches but holy Shit when you add Sherri Martel that package. You got a brand new fucking package and brand new character presentation. We should.

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