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I think it's vegan too, but they couldn't. Okay. So the quads are fifteen, but they're five on the website. So that's a fifteen dollar clawed. I mean, that looks nice on you. These are in bed. So if you initially saw that the foursome you probably wouldn't. Absolutely not. Yeah. No, but this purple is nice. Purple is gorgeous on you. It kinda reminds me of your nails because you have golden purple nails, right. Yes. Honestly. I don't know if they'd Stanton pretty good. Yeah, that gold looks nice. I mean, what if you were going for like a mardi gras moment? Golden purple, maybe that's when they were doing. Did you gold on one side and purple? Yes, I'm thinking, don't hate this. I'm pleasantly surprised although I don't think I could just use this by itself. I would have to supplement it. Need, you know, like another purple instead of black thurs- gray. This should be dark purple. Did you see that gray what it turns out? I didn't like, yeah, the dark grays in the corner over here doing okay. Excellent. So that's the Kohl's. Yeah. Let's see what else is in there. Okay. Okay. We got some highlights. So this is a company called real her and every product has a message of empowerment on it. So female ran company. Lots of women running the are all in the company and every level it's all vegan, cruelty, free this. I like the package does it says cute on the front? I'll it says, keep going, which is cute. Can't move. This is this looks like it's very pigmented. She's trying. Oh, maybe the lactic. That's nice. Yeah, that's gorgeous. Wow. Yeah, this is very pigment gorgeous. How did it go on the skin? It looked like it melted in it rides, right? That looks so beautiful. You keep that these all this is for you to keep you don't have to keep it, but please keep it. Yes. So throw that in because again, these are indie brands brands that that we could be throwing our money to, you know, so very exciting about real her. You killed it with the highlight. Right. Okay. What's that? Gotta Matt lip gloss from Hikari. So I think try these other two first. 'cause they're new brands. Okay. So that one's I know there's this Branko Winky Lucks and they make the cutest packaging. That's like a tiny little pill, but I thought the color was pretty, isn't it? So cute. Is this little? Yes. And it's a tiny little travel lip, but I was like, oh, interesting. Now it's not really pigment. Oh, that's so disappointing. Throw it on top of your other lifts sale. I put it right under my chin. All the, oh, actually. If like similar to the one I have and I think it's a little glossy. Yes, yes. Do make a Matt lip and they all have like a little cherry on top or a poodle. Their packaging is this? Oh, frigging q. q., and did it smell good? It smells like kind of a nil? Our something. Yeah, Winky Lux. I'm kinda here for Winky LA. They have a lot of fun stuff. So I just wanted to give you that tiny little one. But yeah, it's a little natural for you. I would say you like glam moments, not very, it's like pretty translucent. So I'd have to like build with it, but they do have liquid lips. I just don't have one in there so that might be something to try. And that is a company called luscious and that is a black lipstick. They sent me a few and I realized I'm not going to go anywhere with that. Great. This is black. Yeah. So I was thinking before you had that lip on, I was like, she could do a black lip with that little Winky looks in the middle, but I feel like the makeup, yeah, put him over there by your. By the mayor. Yeah. And I'm curious what you think of that make up to because you're so you probably know all the best makeup wipes. I only like one. Oh, which one? It's a blueberry scented one in Kenner. Yes to blueberries. Oh, maybe target or something? No. From Nigel's. Oh, I wish I knew what it was now. Do you ever go to Nigel? Yeah, it's bad. When I go, I really liked to go with somebody that's in the mega business discount..

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