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The momentum was definitely starting to switch and the the niners favor abby t out was dominate. I mean for anybody who didn't watch why teo play. You know only understands. Ceo as as a headache got watched this game and go watch the sheer domination. That co hat and he could have had more. And honestly i mean you don't jerry's the go greatest player to ever play when teo i mean. I don't know if i ever watched receiver that physically dominant. He just he was a badge. You just you couldn't stop it at that point yet. Had seven catches and he'll had it was like seventy catches one hundred seventy arts or something like that but he had one hundred seventeen yards after the catch alone. I mean that's just talk about yak monster. The niners would force the giants. Go three and out for the first time after all game. We jon allen burger. There is a name from nine. Our history with sack kerry collins to force new york to put and the comeback was on the giants. Were starting to fall apart at this point after somebody hit vinny sutherland. Who shot severely sutherland. He's from the same city. West palm beach florida as my daddy. So big shot out to vinny sutherland. He was hit after you was called for a fair catch tack on a fifteen yard penalty to a very poor twenty nine yard and the niners would take advantage of it with the legendary field position at the. New york's twenty. Seven and garcia would take the first play in the fourth in for fourteen yards with a beautiful blocked by j stokes and hits yo for the sioux pointer and now it was thirty eight thirty. And you know you could just start to feel candlestick. Come alive and it was. You could tell it was a matter of time. Before the niners took over the giants. Get the ball back and find a little bit of rhythm. Did they had in the first half with moving the ball to the niners. Twenty four but fresh out of retirement. My hero of the honestly. I've never bought another team. Jersey on i was close by trey. Junkin jersey after this game. diets bed. I had a couple of classmates a teacher. The giants fans. You don't know how bad i wanted to wear his jersey You know the following. Monday at school. It was to wear jersey bad. He was zero. This game He would mess up the first. Snap of the game Allen the holder of sorry while that's the last play fresh out of retirement trade youngest would miss the snap causing the forty two yard field goal to be shanked.

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