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Bill now, playing everywhere college football games are played what to look for. And Trevor Matt so Nebraska, we teased it right before the break. It appears that they were going to be going for it on fourth down and inches from their own what fourteen yard line they lined up. Tried to draw the buckeyes offsides Brad was very excited because he thought they were going to go for Brad's philosophy is if it's fourth down and short anywhere on the fee anywhere on the field. You should go for it. Just like pit last night up against Virginia can ask play. We will see all weekend. College football Pitt in the second quarter wet for on fourth and one from its own ten yard line brand. They got LSU fans. Hope that is not the best play. We actually. Well, yeah. But you know, what coach is is one of the coaches in college football who's really bought into this idea of fourth in short is something. Now look Alabama game. Maybe he'll have a different frame of mind, but they went for four times on fourth down and against Georgia converted all four and that was a big part of them winning that game. So coach he's all in on this fourth down stuff. Brad. What in the world? Are you thinking explain that? You're older thirteen yard line. You're trailing only by to Ohio State. It's the third quarter. Yup. Your defense is playing well the other team is turning the ball over. And why is it that you want to risk giving them the ball on your thirteen yard line? Because you went for four thousand you use the word right there. Trevor risk. That's the reason. See in your mind. This is a risk in my mind, you're gonna make that nine times out of ten fourth in one foot. So you're thinking about the worst case scenario, and that's what Scott frost is probably thinking. What is everyone going to? If we don't get it. What a stupid coaching decision. You are down to as a big underdog you need to keep your drive. It's already late third quarter. You need to score to take the lead or at least change field position stay in this game. And the reality is is that when they punted the ball back to Ohio State. They were going to get it near midfield. And they did Ohio State started that drive after the pot from their own forty seven yard line. It took them three plays to score a touchdown. How much different you think? That would have been if they had started from the thirteen. Same result. I still I still go get you can explain it. I can explain it to you Trevor. But I cannot understand it for you. Oh, wow. That was well done. By the way, the buckeyes did take that punt return and eventually scored a touchdown for Ohio State. So now, Ohio State and Brad was rooting for Ohio State. He's likes to stay impartial. As a member of the media. But was rooting for a touchdown because Nebraska deserve to have that on them for the bad decision of not going forward on flight is correct. Just wanted to prove a point nothing against Nebraska, but bad coaching decision deserve to be punished. And and it was Trevor scratching his head. I. Not go for Trevor. Look, I know I don't want to dive into math here on the radio. But but the truth is is it Ohio states chance to score a touchdown is still really good after the pot because they're getting the ball at midfield. Liberal house. Stays defensive line remains one of the best in the country. And those are the guys you gotta shove a size Nebraska's been running on him today. Okay. You only need a foot. You need a narrative is there. It is by the way, Travis rock hold. Our producer isn't Ohio State grad and his friend texted him who's at is at the game. Is that the game in Columbus? He said, unfortunately, not jumping off sides was probably our best play of the day. So far. For the head on that fourth-down faking cynical bunch. That's the way it is right now for the buckeyes where they thirty to twenty one lead on Nebraska the tenth ranked buckeyes right now. It's Nebraska with the ball at third down in one. I'm really.

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