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Dynamic his ability to not only be a great throw but his dynamic in the run game and you always have to be wary of him Jack losses not only one of the best backs in our conference for these were the best backs in the country yeah he's a Sunday player and defensively I think they got four five guys that or definitely NFL draft picks especially on the defensive front I think they do they've really focused on winning the game defensively the running the ball to do a little bit of play action but you know they're they're holding teams to nine points a game in two hundred thirty nine yards so they're really you could tell Kyle's really confident in his defense right now and is playing to that that strength just not the great mistakes I think they've had one turn over in three games are there plain simple Simon football and playing good defense and it was a ninety six game at halftime verse B. Y. U. L. and then you look out over to the defense scores two touchdowns so they're they're playing they're playing good ball all the way around could something about your defense you know I think you know backed up on such short feels putting some types of positions and they were able to come up some stuff it also I think I when I watch the film I can see I see tackling issues I think maybe some lunging I think Telenoticias great back there when when you watch the film would you see from your defense I thought one they had great roads of the fence to start off you talk about seven times and in the red. two zero so you know one on a fourth down and then one of the struggle so I thought the red zone defense was great no we got to the quarterback three times another very elusive quarterbacking of.

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