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So so we are social. Media has been exploding in the past. Thank y'all for making that happen. Yeah if you're new to the program because you found us through social media area who welcome hope you're enjoying yourself you can find us. We have a facebook page. We have an instagram. We have twitter. We also have a patriot. I think that's what we have do. We have anything I mean. We have an email. He can hit us up at seeing King Boo Club at G.. Dot Com. If you're more of a longhand kind of friend that's cool too you can. You can write US mail. Yeah you can write a snail mail. I mean you don't get to know what my address is but I'm I'm pretty. I work one South Prospect Street BURLINGTON remodel. We find also we are looking for. If you have a story about Stephen King. Either your relationship with this worker someone you met because of it or whatever ever. We're trying to collect some of those we're hoping to get enough of them together to do another boiler room scrapbook segment. which would be amazing? So we'll be posting about a lot on social media but if you have the story to tell you can email us at Stephen King Pu Club at and we'd love to. I hear what you have to say you know can be anonymous. Can be named. You can shout out other people or not but we really want to celebrate the community. Were starting to build here and hand. Tell some of your stories absolutely Yeah I still ended up date the S. KABC exclamation point and spotify playlist. I love called esque. ABC Exclamation Point Official spotify playlist on spotify Phoenix Crockett. I still update it. So at currently has zero followers in zero. Listen if you are looking for some deep cut Halloween party mix question mark just stuff that we think is Stephen. King really even listened to it. Just yeah not even me. I don't have spotify because I'm a caveman but yeah I don't it's true I'm a Pandora Man. The thirty nine years old. It is two thousand six where I'm at baby anyway. Yes thank thank you for that that brings us to needful themes are literary analysis section..

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