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So they don't track fast as Caucasian forty times. But if they. Bella from UMass is going to give them a run for their money Granderson the D lineman from Wyoming. I think stood out a little bit. And then there's a corner from temple name rocky. I've scene which is hard to forget a guy named rock rock Waie. Dash S. I N he came enlisted at six to we're pretty excited to see a to corner, and then he measured a five eleven so it was like, wait a second. But he in the Samuel tip from South Carolina will really going back and forth. And if the Broncos didn't go quarterback in the first round decided to go maybe defense and help with a linebacker corner. In the second round. Maybe thought about going quarterback the kid Ryan Finley from NC state, look pretty sharp too. And I'll be interesting to see how he plays in the game tomorrow. But there's a lot of kids I think help themselves, so they can colonists. Anders from western Illinois. Wyman three hundred twenty pounds can do a standing backflip. Stay down here to keep practicing. Even though his fiancee had their first child on Tuesday. Then he raced out here on Thursday. And we'll see if he makes it back to the game Saturday, but you know, western Illinois, isn't Ohio State or Colorado or Texas or even Kansas. So he needs all the looks. He can get you had a really good practice week as well. Is it true? You came down with gout from all the shellfish down. There. I didn't. But I probably would if I say it any longer. I'm not lying. I had every single day. Yeah. We had always fears that shrimp had some alligator right? Our Gators today. But I think it was just enough not too much. But maybe just enough. Have we been here any longer than the the gal concern would have been higher? I read meeting caused got more than shellfish against it depends on the person. Maybe it does. I know shellfish can do that. I'm going to defer to you to on gout. I don't have any pertinent information on my dad had it. But I know this. He was painful painful. Brandon. We gotta run and have a safe flight back and then enjoy your weekend here. Thank you guys. And then on Monday plan ahead because we'll be live from SuperBowl media night till attract on our policy, dander, San some NFL media types, and maybe some comedians if they're in the area, obviously, you have a great relationship. All the great comedians come through your shell. So Monday is going to be a fun show. And it'll be a fun week from Atlanta to be good, man. Okay. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Brandon krisztal heading back home. And then heading back out. It's five sixteen John Morrissey. How are the roads up John?.

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