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This is radio boston anti-sihanouk daring and we're reviewing week included mandates today tensions around what to require when creating some fascinating drama governor baker wants to keep it simple and voluntary when it comes to wear and when to wear a mask. Don't pay attention to the county bay stuff unless you want to. The most important thing is where mask. If you're going to be around somebody who's vulnerable where you are vulnerable yourself. That's a lack leaner and a lot simpler a lot straightforward for somebody to understand. Meanwhile acting boston mayor. Kim genie stan. Well pretty much everybody with this pushback on the idea of a citywide vaccine mandate. There's a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers whether we're talking about during slavery post slavery We heard trump with the birth certificate. Nonsense she walked it back. I wish i had not used those analogies because they took away from the important issue of ensuring that our vaccination and public health policies are implemented with fairness and equity but it is clear that debates on vaccine mandates fully on us and one key proving ground right now sports the patriots bill. Belichick says mind your own business when asked if he's vaccinated and we're not gonna get into that that you will be disposed to get any point. Walker percentage vaccinated. This year was really medical questions while the olympics puts cova precautions on global display. Join us for all of.

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