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Of wild waves through five down to the port of Tacoma road east on five twelve a slow from steel street over towards golden given road next come much traffic at six fourteen check on the weather now here's meteorologist Shannon o'donnell well we're going to trade are scattered showers for icy cold air and terribly gusty winds tonight we've got some lingering snow through the strait of Juan de Fuca so one a one there between forts in port Angeles especially around lake crescent is seeing the snow telling up there we call that street effects no in this no engine gets going it's coming in advance to some very gusty winds that are going to start howling through Bellingham via the Fraser river valley guess between forty and sixty miles per hour especially on Wednesday that will make a conduit for all that cold air to spell in from British Columbia so high is fairly cracking forty for the next several days right through thanksgiving and apple Cup on Friday in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist Shannon Odom temperatures have dipped into the thirties and she wallop and Bremerton in average now forty home of forty two degrees and we're at forty three under cloudy skies downtown near the middle twenty minutes of nonstop news on common with six of six thirty dollar card tabs heading to court the future of initiative nine seventy six now in the hands of a king county judge come was Machel Esteban says cities and counties including Seattle and king county are asking a judge to hit the pause button on the controversial voter approved initiative there are three things that the thirty dollars tabs are one and misleading and constitutional and will actually mean widespread pain to the tune of four million dollars over six years for transit projects everything from roads bridges public transit over two hours a coalition of cities counties in transit agencies told the judge implementing a thirty dollar card cab would mean an immediate and irreparable harm that's the key word there the measure set to take effect December fifth so time is of the essence here playing to argue this measure constitutional because he's a combined just too many issues into one ballot measure insisting it also largely restrict the authority of the state and local governments to add any new taxes or fees here king county measures of those three dollar tabs is going to mean immediate cuts to transit no buses for some people come December fifth now the state attorney general's office that is defending this measure they pointed to surplus funds rainy day funds.

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