David Platt discussed on Pray the Word with David Platt - #57 We Need the Word of God (Proverbs 29:18)


Free the word with david platt is a resource from radical proverbs chapter twenty nine verse 18 is maybe one of the more well known proverbs but it's often times misunderstood so the verse says win there is no prophecy the people cast off restraint but as for who guards instruction happiness is his it's the first part of verse that's really well known when there is no prophesied the people cast offers straight now the reason it's often misunderstood so other translations say where there is no vision the people perish and so oftentimes people think okay we just need vision we need a vision for where we're going in the future if we don't have vision for where we go in the future that will will we will perish when yeah there's there's some truth to that but that's really out what this versus teaching what this versus teaching as much closer to what the translation i i just uses sang when there is no prophecy the people cast off restraint even when we see translations the talk about visions talking about revelation from god and what's necessary according to providence twenty nine eighteen is not some vision that we come up with for the future what's necessary is revelation from god the word of god prophecy from god we need god to speak to us we need to hear what he says to us and it's that that keeps us from perishing from casting off restraint swai goes on in the last part of the verse to say as for who guards instruction happiness is his as for he who he guards instruction in god's word learning from god's revelation when we guard this then we will be happy.

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