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Uh you know to told him out in and obviously is a very good player the vikings witness shan but they have to do with one what's in the best interest of him and his house uh into uh you know they'd got they would have a bye week if they win a football game this week now while him two more weeks to recover before playing probably the new england patriots but you know new england or jack school in the super bowl can you ready for the conference championship games coming up on sunday would sage rosenfels looks moved to the afc we know the tom brady is the most accomplished quarterback of all time but sage how much confidence you have the patriots are going to move the ball that will against the very tough jacksonville defense i do i i think that's you know josh mcdaniel's and brady and then ballot check today you that you know everyone seems just want to say well that's the end of the road her as our term owed all in on it and just sorta come up with things but at the end of the day this their seventh championship game in a row no i fully expect him to win this football game and get the super bowl yes jacksonville has an outstanding defense but the patriots are played some pretty good defensive this year and in here the are meal really fairly easily uh in the afc championship game so um i i just don't see blake bortles not offense allowing uh you know a scoring uh you know that many points uh that then the patriots their tweet uh you know ballot check he's gonna go to as his old school game plan which is take away what jacksonville does bass which has run the football and force really the worst player on that often to be done much as blake bortles unit you know the question is can blake bortles even with advantageous you know coverage.

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