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Hey Megan good to be with you. Good to see you. I am seeing you at a whole different way. Actually because your signature blonde hair is not not blonde is a reflection of the times in which we find ourselves. This is this is Cova D- grow out. I'm scared to death to do anything by myself. for fear that. I might just burn it all off and be left bald. So I'm I'm Rockin. You're also you would have been preparing right now. You'd be in the final throes of preparing for the Olympics. That is not happening First of all how are you spending your time and then what does it mean to have the Olympics postponed for you and the other athlete? How spending my time. I've actually find myself quite busy and doing a lot of zooms and I G lives and PODCASTS. Turns out I like being social and I think I I like kind of staying in the mix actually feel more rested because I'm not traveling and You know flying all over the country doing appearances and playing and all that so Found time to still do quite a bit of public stuff but Just trying to keep in shape as well. There's no way to to train at the level. You need to be ready so just trying to kind of stay at a baseline and Just sort of be be thankful for where I am There's a lot of people who are and you know terrible terrible conditions and just trying to you know obey the stay at home orders and make the best of it while I can and in terms of the Olympics. I mean obviously my My girlfriend sue and I both were in in the same position I mean it's it's it's devastating in this way. You know. This is an opportunity. Sometimes people WANNA get once in their lifetime there. Undoubtedly will be people next year. If the Olympic happens that they wouldn't have been there and they might have been there this year or you know New People might come so it's it's very uncertain for us but at the same time it just I. I just can't help but feel it's completely pales in comparison to the current moment in what were in and how important this moment is so in a way. I'm kind of like well. Yeah of course. We're not gonNA play the Olympics and frankly I think the Olympics are are in doubt next year but You know just thankful or safe and happy and healthy even mixture him. I mean yeah I mean I don't know obviously You know we. We don't know. Hopefully we'll stumble drug therapy or You know have a record record time in vaccine but The more I think about it logistically Just bringing everybody together like that. With the absence of of drug therapies or anything like that just seems difficult but You know very hopeful still but yeah it'll it'll be. I guess we'll see I don't want to be in the prediction business but will say I don't want to be in delicate about raising this but you've had a long in very celebrated career and you're at an age where people begin winding their careers down. You said you're nowhere near that point. But there's that element is there to you. You mentioned your girlfriend suit sort of casually. She's a World Class Future Hall of Fame Basketball Player and so a major athlete also at the sort of at the end of her playing career. What does the time lost mean? That's that's something I think. We're sort of grappling with Right now as this pandemic unfolds and things pop into her head were trying to figure out what it all means You know in the beginning before the Olympics were postponed. It was like we were very early on like of course it's GONNA be cancelled. And what does that mean? Is it going to be postponed? So that was a little difficult. And then I think we've kind of recently started thinking well. Wow it's only you know potentially a year away. Are we going to be ready by then? I mean it's it's just so unknown. That's not a comfortable feeling as a as an athlete you try to control everything that you can and certainly you want to be able to go out the way that you want to and Not Sort of be pushed out by a pandemic but Yeah it's it's a very strange time for an athlete. Our our whole lives in many regards in many aspects are so planned out for so long even working out right now. I'm like I need to work out because I need to stay fit but I'm like why we're not playing the summer most likely but I'm like but what if we do. So it's it's it's really strange to not have That sort of structure around it. But you know I think if it if it if it happens that you know. We can't play sports for the rest of this year or a number of years or whatever it may be You know the situation will be what it is and I think we'll be at peace with that but I think we're definitely both hoping To be able to play and this Olympics and will likely be the last Olympics For for both of US maybe maybe not for me and my might try to hang on but likely you know the You you mentioned that you discovered you really social which is a really weird thing I mean. I think we're all figuring this out. So we're we're all socializing these little boxes on zoom and yet it does draw you. You know people I haven't heard from another longtime say. Let's let's have a zoom cocktail. Let's have a beer on zoom and people are but I'll tell you one thing that that is hard when you're stuck at home if you're a sports freak as I am and many people are is no games and we don't know and we don't know in terms of professional sports including professional women's soccer when that is going to happen and that's a whole different set of issues because you got a bunch of players who and we'll talk more about pay later on but who don't get paid very much. The clubs themselves operate on margins. So that's a big uncertainty as well as when teams are going to play in and what it's GonNa look like very uncertain I mean it's you know for all athletes of course It's difficult but you know if you're talking about an NBA player versus you know w NBA player or an mls player versus a player. Financial situations and realities are are much different for both the structure of the League. Each club and then down onto the player As of right now I think all of the The non national team players in the N. W. Cell are being paid their salary. They had just started. Preseason when this hit so They were protected in that sense The national team is still playing but without any games or opportunity for bonus or playing You know the reality is a little bit different I mean I think you know. Unfortunately we're going to be hit really hard We don't have the the reserves that the NBA hasn't been the NBA's talking about you know the thing. They instituted the force majeure on their players which takes twenty or twenty five percent of their salary. Will you know if you're making fifty million dollars? It's really if you're making one million dollars. It's you're still fine so I'm concerned about that for sure. Not really sure what as we get deeper into the summer. And Are we going to have a season or not? I'm not really sure about the you know. Financial Future of the League's. Hopefully we can ride this out and You know be able to to come back strong next year whenever we're able to but it's definitely a big worry for the female leagues around the country and the world. Frankly Ya know I. There's so there's there's nothing but uncertainty about all of this and that is really uncomfortable but most uncomfortable if your livelihood has been lost hers in jeopardy I WanNa talk about your amazing story. Your Life Journey from Redding California. Tell me about growing up in your small town in Northern California. You know it's funny. I never thought about it ever until I left it and out of college and even quite a bit out of college it seemed you know totally normal to me and I think by by all standards pretty normal group in a great family I'm a twin and were the youngest of six kids so there was plenty happening in the household Both my parents Blue Collar Workers Dad works in construction. My mom's waitress They grew up driving us. All over the the north of Dayton in California just general playing soccer But didn't really realize until after. I became much more liberal and Realize oh I didn't I didn't grow up in a in a blue area or in a blue family per se but you know all the the same sort of values of Treating one another fairly and Taking care of one and sort of shirt off your back kind of value. That's that's how I grew up so I think it's I don't know if people don't know my whole story and they just kind of look at me and think you know. I probably grew up in like a hippie communist or something but turns out I grew up in trump country. Yeah well yeah actually. I think your town voted overwhelmingly for him overwhelmingly. Yes yes definitely. Yeah you mentioned that your folks drove you all over Northern California. You played basketball. You are on the track team. You did not play soccer in high school. You played for a club that was from the bay area. Two hours from where you lived your mom who worked six days a week with spend her days off taking you and your sister to play soccer first of all. Why did you do that? Why why didn't you play for your school? Why did you join this club? And secondly how hard was it for you as someone who wasn't affluent who didn't come from a well to do family Which probably wasn't the norm on the club team that you played on. Yeah I mean we ended up going to Sacramento playing on that team out of Elk Grove. Because there was no You know competitive team at that level in our in our town so earlier on when we were maybe ten and eleven there was you know different teams that that came about. We played competitively which allowed us to go and be seen in Sacramento and beyond but Count wants everyone was getting into high school You know the other players on the team weren't GonNa continue on playing soccer. So that's why we eventually went and played in. Sacramento is really the only option to play at the highest level for us. And then it's interesting. It's almost like we lived in reading and You know coming out of bringing always claim it and we have this like you know soccer star coming out of reading but we never really played there very often and in high school. We wanted to play basketball and soccer and basketball. We're in the same season Which happened to be the winter seasons while I was like I can either play outside in the rain in the cold all the time or maybe I'll just take a break and keep myself balanced and You know we wanted to play basketball. We love it still to this day. we both we both love it so that was kind of the the choice there to to get out and um dual some different. Your brother Bryan. It was five years older than you. And you've credited him with introducing you to soccer you and your sister Rachel soccer but his life took a different turn than yours and and that's obviously been impactful on you. What what happened with him. I mean it's hard to say when I think what what happens with you know. Probably Ninety nine percent of people that get mixed up with drugs or opioids eventually and Heroin eventually I think he was a popular kid in school. We wasn't wasn't withdrawn or Depressed or anything us very social and I think it started off as a social thing for him but quickly probably whereas most kids you know. Try it through school. Whatever he got caught at school With drugs and Paraphernalia so immediately sort of put into the system and then from there he just kept using drugs and kept getting caught. And you know eventually out of juvenile and into county and then into the state prisons and then eventually into federal prisons And and really a a lifelong struggle about for you. He was a role model for you. Yeah no it was. It was very very difficult at that time. I think you know I think he. I got in trouble when I was ten years old. So he was fifteen years old Not really understanding quite What was what totally was going on. But my parents always told us and bury frank terms what was happening so. I'm very thankful for that..

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