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Because it's time for podcasts forty two I'm Christopher Voss I'm Sabrina Pierre Jail Tros I'm Laura. Highly right well this is a talky talk. Let's shoot the crap show so let's do the beer cooler I jail. What did you stock for? Oh sorry for the your great serenade on us. Last time I was waiting for you to say it again I brought from Elise. Ian They're super fuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale. I like the label. They do have good labels they do have good labels it's it's Some really unique colors but they still pop. It's got a six point four percent. Ab I like them. They're out of Washington Thurgood brewery. I've always enjoyed their stuff. We had their Space Dust Ip a once. I rated a three but that was back in my days of still trying to handle the IP tests. I gave it a six and at the end. I said you probably shouldn't drink six because the ABC's about an eight point two gay point to it. Yeah that will just knock you on your ass right there so you not drink six of them but it is very good else. Gives us a taste? Sabrina already needs another one. Brought four My first taste is actually liking this one every rating it now. Yes we always read it now. Who Laura Twenty four drinks that you're gonNA have because she wasn't prepared for this. I'm used to taking my first step when you say. Let's open up to gale beer cooler and then at the end of the show. It's like that's what I thought. Okay well this is an unscripted show. This is a say whatever you want show my whole life is scripted. I don't think I at the end and ratios are not scripted. We really do get that squirrelled and everything happens here. Of course so you don't have any initial thoughts. Yemen opened it. It felt been let might have tried it. Yes I do and what? What's your initial followed it with my Florida cracker. That's GonNa hurt it but then I followed my Florida cracker with my sweet which I followed with my truly hard lemonade Josh. You're like you're like the videos going around. Have you guys seen it where the lady makes her own tea but she adds like Lipton tea and then she puts lemonade in it and then she puts sugar in it and then she puts like cinnamon in it and then she puts Cayenne pepper and then she puts Kuwait in it? You haven't seen this now. Actually all I can think of is what you would the cell service like coke or Pepsi. And you just go across the whole thing as a kid and just sample every single one because you could make just because you could. I did that one. Time at Epcot. Yeah you wouldn't have to drink the beverly talent with beverly so I can start again okay. So those of people who okay before we get going to dive into what beverly is because not everyone's going to know but before we do. If you're listening to us live you can actually join into the conversation. Go to SPREAKER DOT COM podcast. Forty two. You'll see a live button. They're showing US live. And then right next to that you'll see a little chat bubble and you can click on that and you can give us thoughts feedback you can chime into the conversation etc etc so beverly not everybody's from Florida not everyone's been to Disneyworld yes. Beverly isn't worth the can't anymore gone forever. One good thing this year fiasco it was going to go anyway before so any. What's beverly? Beverly is an Italian Coca Cola product and it is meant as a pallet cleanser. Because you can't taste so mouthwash yes no. It's worse than mouthwash drinking mouthwash actually. It's got a black licorice taste. I wouldn't even say that it's like a so. It is the all I know. Is that one time. I was part of a challenge. Tyrod so We had We were part of kind of like a amazing race but not amazing because copyrighted so super stupendous. Yes to spend. I can't even sell those. Four drinks have kicked in. That's right But anyway it's one of the challenges was is that one person had to stay inside the little coca-cola section of Epcot and drink was six beverly. It was supposed to be ten. Yes but but then it turned into five because the people threw up after drinking the Ted. I'm actually one of them because I was in say. Like what the heck what is it going over there? He's got a laugh track. A sounds come with the live version of this show. Is One of them crickets like a morning DJ show? Oh good here..

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