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And all very hundred dollar and contrast look at this highly weeks and weeks and then make sure he's violence right on. Make sure is guest. Keep her out a understands where everybody has. This is where most people would a show here right. But it doesn't and that's the difference between people the only by twenty-five five goals a season then something that's gonna look the tight together on luis suarez has been doing this for a decade plus several countries including holland england and spain and the big question. Not the season was while athletic. John lewis suarez. Do again well is looking for me trimming off. And he certainly looking as if he's got a point to prove once again which is great for lacy and it's been some dodgy performances from athletics as they remain don't they level on points with real madrid at the top type. What rubbish week. It walsum madrid of course humiliation against sheriff mid week in the champions league and then losing two one against espanol assessment. Is this long statement. Their heads this. The statement don't quite as long as killing him by pays. I think the plan was quite clear. I'm not here to explain it. But i agree that team disorganized. We didn't have the right positioning with the ball. We have to fix it. I've spoken to the players and they agree. I thought that could help. And we didn't have good balance on that side. That wasn't a his pho-. I told him to push up. The midfielder had to cover. But that didn't happen. Defensively louise i thought real madrid where an absolute shambles yesterday. Yeah me feel and The bogging defense we. We see quite a few times sample. He's roundabout it because he's not that first game struggle to get a good result by the weekend. He didn't have enough time to do to come back. And they had a chance to score one goal from their best player on the field for but they were again loosened position from a in many places in into the field and he broke my being descended to try to be holding me feel. Tried to bring the ball forward with cross and cross. You can see that still feet one hundred percent that when he's on the ball of course but he kind of truck by goes east. Play that we all know where he's on the ball again. He can do magic by you. Can i ask him to be running for ninety minutes anymore and at the end you're playing against a team that he's for though to allow him to get the ball to make a quick transition going forward and after ten fifteen minutes around marina i saw were doing well. Higher tried to regain label closer. We'd be needy. Event zuma old on he was on days of ronnie. They're still trying to regain their bowl and then reality they and this go to fantastic goal warned that he was just beautiful. And that's the way this is the moment they'll booting density here. Lalita there is no anymore. Those neil neil. They had five ten years ago now. The the league is very competitive is very equal and not the money. You don't run. It doesn't matter if you go. More quantity is be very difficult for any team to win the three points lewis and joseph. Thank you very much. enjoy the rest of your birthday. Joel's the next league match. Aram trades cica against barcelona the camp now. Of course it's a match you can see it live.

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