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I've got my second coming up this week but had the first one and this person young person mask and everything says jacki. Weaver ago she do. And then it's mum came up elderly elderly evil older than me She says to do that and he says it's check you even if shea and then but then have this conversation between them while i'm standing there. Yeah i'm thinking at any moment now. They'll selfie know that used to happen to me all the time. So what would happen because of my combo is kind of cult thing even when we on tv and as an adult lights in the nineteen nineties and someone would come up with a group. People very excited and go. Oh my god you was hanging love your show and then all the friends who is who is and then the person you'd recognize me would feel embarrassed that they knew us and that no one else did and sort of almost turn on me from that. They've come to me and let me so. Yeah it's it's a weird thing. I just think it's sort of fascinates me this sort of overnight fame and having done something else for the rest of your life and then suddenly get this. I don't think. I don't think sometimes hands on the x factor something. I worry that the person has happened to you. Might get into trouble and be able to cope when the fame goes away. And it's it's a very. I don't think that's going to happen for the you. Totally guess though. I mean for the first month it could go at any moment and that would been fine and dined out on as it were and now no i will miss it. That's interesting but also just that happen.

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