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I met unbiased but it was so the heyday of tennis and when i came in all these characters and personalities and i thought man this is incredible because it i i thought tennis minnesota in really wanted to be in that sort assissi game when i grew up in the country clubs sport and they want us actor certain way wayne you gotta wear your long pants like bill tilden or whatever you're like that's not what i wanted to do my goal was to be treated the same way as other athletes numb i could imagine that if you're on the hockey rink or you're in the middle of soldier field in chicago where some of my buddies that i went to college i got to know played they're not saying hello ari how are you when they come out of the huddle and nobody really and and yet in tennessee if on my god if we set a bad word yelled at the empires this is completely outrageous member in the early eighties there was a believers a my miami herald and they did a survey of like who the most hated villains were in the history of the world and it was like hitler one a tell other hind to john mcenroe three son his salmon like what is i think perspectives getting a little water here mussa selena five i'm three in these my god so that was sort of got me thinking man that they really don't get it are you jealous of what players can get away with now i don't think they get away with them known i i think you've got away we gotta wear the way more really you think so yeah i think i mean i i'd like to throw them under the bus for the truth is i mean.

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