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We think youtubers was just a guy with a camera film himself in putting it up on line he has a team how does no one catch this may he has a professional team and there's a lot of factors that go into the video that make it extremely dubious there is the fact that they do not monetize it which means that logan knew what he was putting up was offensive he basically said i'm not going to get ad revenue from this because use who will not give it to me because the video will be flagged for a content that violates community guidelines so he knew that and his team knew that and they still uploaded it is there you what you're talking about here is like sort of a culture of people doing things and putting up things for views cut a desensitize from the real world just kind of thinking about two in terms of using numbers right absolutely enemy in if you'll get where logan paul came from looking paul started on the platform called vine which twitter eventually purchased and then got rid of in january 2017 a and he was one of the biggest vine stars and so in went away he went to you too been found a whole new audience i'm and figure out a way that he can make even more money but what he learned from his time on vine and then even more so on youtube is that he can get away with whatever he does because as long as it's for content as long as it reviews he will remain relevant he will remain rich and he will remain at the top of conversation russell you're listening to queue julia alexander is my guess she's a senior reporter with the internet culture website polygon we're talking about the controversy around youtuber locum paul after he posted a video of himself discovering a dead body in japan so like as we heard earlier a lot of logan paul fans tend to be quite young and they.

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