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My body disgusting right before you cut your hair. Yup you guys and his hair right when especially we both did that like a couple of flow. Yup log overflows. What you're calling it. Yeah dude i win. I win that so the the plan was to make it a year. Yeah you you. Didn't i did. Not you fucking have broke. Wow yeah i made it what. Say the eighth Tomorrow would have been eleven. Months is it because literally. Nobody's swipe bread anyone tender for those ones No wiped right and then they saw him with that cova. Got to the point where it was just like so thin fried in the front and dislike i. I won't be laughing because most girls like my ends are kind of fried. And i gotta get a haircut. You're you're fine. It was like this. Tuft in the front of hair out of control. And the only thing. When i did. I mean this is hold on. Can we tuft to remember the first thing you know. Somebody's crazy right in the front and you can all see. It's not fantastic but thank god. You're it got so bad. This is the first podcast. I have not worn a hat in almost a year. It was just long like that. Was it it just looked like shit. It felt like shit. I couldn't style. I couldn't do anything with this. I had all day every day. So i just realized i was doing this. Just for the sake of cutting here for a year. it's kind of dumb. And why did you do that in. The first place is wanted to do man. It's wanted to try something. And i tried and i failed. He did that in heroin. Yep just wanted to try to undo hair when every day for a year live little. That's so weezer especially as a father you get real thin on heroin. yeah shun. Don't do that but yeah yeah i I looked like a fatter. Like nineteen seventies bernie. sanders. That's what. It looked like what i'm trying to think the hair like. No you guys kept saying what dale though back. Dale david obey dobric. No it's david del. Dobric dale dover your dow dobrica. David hilbert david dolan success. Job it doboy. Just a fatter less successful version less funny less attractive. David david hilbert funny funny at all. No he laughs like he has no. He lasted everything. Real redeeming qualities. Funny he just like let me call. Seatgeek can give away tesla. That's it. that's it sounds pretty his whole life. I wanna get tesla. Yeah you paul's podcasts. Hits it big and we're getting that fifty percents. You'll be our david one writing your code one last time. We're not gonna shit on it. what's it called. You're not even watching and it's about what tune in wasn't listening the whole time before it's a joke i know. Here's here's how i look at it I like those kind of podcasts. Where i can where. I can watch or have watched the movie already more. Watch along with a podcast. Like oh they're going to talk about this movie. I can watch that movie and have my own thoughts and opinions on it That's basically what this is so you never thought about doing it with one of us you pick your wife over. Maybe matt or my. This was all her idea you. Can you could've stole it one thing. I'm curious about remember when we first started doing this. What was her reaction to us doing this. She wasn't very thought it was stupid. He thought it was stupid. Very stupid you guys are all she said. You're not fucking support fucker. What's that guy's name armchair shepherd. She's a fucking dax. Shepard did you act like you. Don't remember his name. But i couldn't remember what's your fucking dreams. Because he's such a mountain of man's duty so jack now van gusty one day and his wife into a fucking widow. Because i'm gonna go off the goddamn handle at shoot 'em would you'd have to shoot him because you couldn't physically whereas my was my kids. Go get my god. You guys are. You guys are wrong. About how unsupportive. She was wherever it she wanted to start a podcast before we started up on. All my guys read vernal. If you guys would have started your own podcast you never would've you never would've. How long do we talk about. This is where we actually did it and guys. If nate headed showed fantasy football. I invited me. You wouldn't have been. I don't wanna take credit here. But i invited nate cater credit for all that we need navy invited me to come over here. Who the foster you say. He's trying to take credit for. I thought you said case. Were trying to take credit. No no because it's do you. You had the idea. And i said what's a podcast. What's a podcast ever heard one. Before my life years twenty nine has been out for ten. Never even heard of one see people wanna listen opinion now. Okay no we shot the shit about for a while and then one night. I just brought over my computer. We sat in your kitchen. You were shit. Based i remember we were enemy-held wayward on my laptop. Microphone and we just talked about like what it would look like what the senate would be. What the topics would be what the flow would be like. And then we bought everything and initially. We bought the four mics for the three and a guest. And then we have the fuck and fantasy football party in the. I remember the night before was a disaster because we couldn't get equipment to work and then finally the second that i've got the equipment to work and then fucking comes in and just like your computer had update. Remember the effort. Why do some crazy date for. 'cause we watched three movies. I waiting to update but then nate came in and just like his big giant bucket. Brain was like hey we. We didn't even know how to put stuff on soundcloud now. We had no idea what we were going to do and they was just like right. Let me register for this and this and this and this and the next thing. We're fucking everywhere. I mean behind me. I would say name deserves the my. Don't know that anybody does less than you. Yeah well. I don't know what i'm trying to. He wrote a blog in december thirty. Yeah about drinking. yeah congratulations. congratulations congratulations. Well a lot of asian hate on that side of the room was asia. It was a speech impediment. I got one of those. I had to take a class called remember did you hell embarrassing grid Probably third nah fifth third fourth fifth. Yeah me no progress. They just took the dentist and he was like. Oh it's just the teeth. Oh man awesome fucking aids. I will third fifth grade. Yeah fucking fist-bump. Fuck you paul. All this bumps episodes in a row your fit. Are you really going for the sake of fist bumping an got one for what he said make got one just so you're not involved Lots of fist-bump. Go off here and ruin the entire night breath. It's already adam brown. The noise is always a lot of from the cheap seats. We know you're the talent. Okay little sarcasm. i don't you know. I just you know we've been down this road before. Try to fight your son's here. I will fucking choke you out. I thought you were gonna say you were in shoes. Adults my kid. That's adams mo to go after the guy sure scott joksimovic in front of you do not do that is a pack is pocket. I haven't well. There's the.

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