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And couples living iranian depression you name it and uh but then at times when you when you're working with somebody it's a vulnerable moment in in sometimes you you think met what am i do it you know somebody's gonna tapped me on the shoulder and say you totally miss that went up and i'm not saying that they're by any sort of imagination have everything feared outer perfect of that sort of thing but man we're trying hard i'm in the best interest of our clients and even a couple of my latest by guests up so 25 and 26 the nurtured heart approach which is for parenting and if t which is for couples those are my soapbox speeches i could not wait to give those those podcasts and and they have been a will receive i'm so grateful for that because that is what i'm passionate about but every now and again i think we what what if i'm wrong with all this couples communication whatever it is better of bear yourself down on a bunker and wait till the other person comes out which i know it's not right but that's at concept of an impostor central so so where does impostor syndrome come from i have a couple of things i want to share one of them is one of my go to books and i promise you i had a copy of this as of last friday and i just had a a client that i just felt impressed the to give that coppi too so i had or try to get ahold of the book earlier but it's called the happiness trip in its by russ harris and happiness trap is a book about what's called a ct acceptance and commitment therapy i absolutely love acceptance and commitment therapy so there's a couple of kind of go to fundamentals in the therapy were one of them is cbt which is called cognitive behavioral therapy and i was a trained cognitive behavioral therapist for the first many years of my career and i can still do cbt a often and it works so cbt is a kind of a formula where your thoughts innocence lead your emotions in your motions lead your behaviors so we get in there and we dig deep we try to figure out where those automatic thoughts come from you sometimes hear this phrase answer.

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