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And I laser those capital Aries, and I'll do a session on dwell often do it every few years, and it's sort of like do you garden Harry? What was that? Do you garden? Not so much anymore, but with a warmer climate. A drier climate is funny. A climate and ocean sea salt water without help it. I don't know about that. But the reason I mentioned gardening is because those of you who guarded know that You know, when you wed your garden, you're not just weeding it today you waited today. We did every week and that's kind of what you do with Rose A show we we beat down the Red Capital Aires. Not just today, but maybe once a year, once every two years will use this thing called the Yeah AG, Laser y a G, and it is a color of the laser. A wavelength of the laser that is very specifically picked up by the red color in the capital. Erry sometimes is a little blue Also, and sometimes we'll use two different wavelengths two different colors of lasers. And we go through the face. We treat the cheeks and will decrease the intensity of the red coloration significantly significantly and the darker you are, by the way. The more effective the laser is so it's if it's just a very mild blush. The laser does a little bit, but if it's a very intense red, the laser is very effective. In fact, so so effective. That sometimes we actually have to give you a little bit of a steroid at the time of the laser ring because it can actually have such an effect that it causes swelling. But it's a very effective treatment, and, but that's the end result. Actually, it actually goes further than that, if you've ever heard of the actor called Jimmy Durante, who died about 25 years ago. Jim. You remember him one? What's that? He died in 1980, Doctor. Uh, Wow. That's even. That's 40 years ago that that shows you want you go. Okay? You're either very quick on the Googling or you've got an incredible memory, Harry. OK, little memory. All right. Good. So Jimmy Durante was the archetype. He was a person with acne rose Atia to the extreme, and he got something called Rhino Fama. What a fancy big plastic surgery word. But what that is, is a thickening of the skin. It's the end stage of Vac, Nero's Asia So you don't want to let it get to that point, Because then you get a big, thick skin. I've actually there was one patient that I treated Probably about 15 or 20 years ago who had such a growth of skin on his nose that I actually took off an inch of skin from his nose. And I remember that because it was quite remarkable for May. And I lifted up the skin of his nose and stretched what was left out and I took off a whole inch to make his nose look somewhat normal again. Very interesting operation. But that's where plastic surgeons get involved in this, But before you get to that point, Harry see your dermatologist get treated and maybe get it under control so you don't need May All right. Nice not go wherever you are. Thank you so much. I mean, the operator East side of Manhattan Broadcasting Right here in Manhattan. They still won't let me in the studio. How about that? You know, the covert thing is keeping us everybody. Len Burman is out of the state. They're all out of the studio now. And all broadcasting a little bit remotely. So I'm looking at the lights of Manhattan from the Upper East Side, Harry. Thanks So much for the phone call. I'm Dr Arthur Perry. This is what's your ankle? Right here on W O R. We've got so much to the show. We're going to talk tonight about About skin care in pregnancy. Oh, boy, That's a topic isn't you know if you're pregnant? What can you put on your skin Still look good and stay safe. We're gonna talk about that. And we're going to talk about some of the procedures that I did last week in my office. I'm Dr Arthur Perry. This is what's your wrinkle? 803 2107 10. We'll be back after these words. Did you know that most skin care is useless, even.

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