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This was no random attack. Nine miners were found dead at the sight of an explosion in a gold mine in China, raising the death toll to 10. You're listening to wait Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. It looks like governor gather. Newsome could whip the stay at home order, though it has not been confirmed by state officials. Multiple news outlets reported late last night that the governor is expected to announce the lift of the order. Today. It will reportedly be lifted in all regions of the state. Police say there were some anti mass protests that were happening in Fresno and anti mass protests temporarily shut down the sprouts location in north Fresno. Over the weekend, Police were called to the store after a few protesters were trying to enter. According to officials. This was not the first or the group went to, and sprouts press charges against a person for trespassing. Sacramento will be opening a warming shelter today for unsheltered residents with weather expected to reach cold temperatures. A warming center will be located at the library Galleria off of ice tree. It will be open today and tomorrow. I'm Jordan Christmas. Now Sacramento traffic checking kfbk traffic in the Sierra 80 westbound at the California and Nevada state line, the roadways reduced to only one link. The ditch Slope stabilization project continues, and this also means you have long term closures of the fared on and off ramps throughout the process. This is not set to complete until late summer, so it will be there for quite some time. Also in the Sierra Highway. 89 boat directions, It is shut down. This is between 3 95 and Highway four at Monitor Pass, and the same goes for Highway four. Both directions Shut down between 207 at Mount Reba and Highway 89 at Evitts Pass. Alden Jacob News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather On this Monday morning cloudy and jam some leftover rain lows between 39 43 partly sunny later today, eyes between 53 57 cold tonight a hard freeze in some places lows between 27 31 son, followed by clouds tomorrow. High 51 to 55 showers will return on Wednesday. Mac, you with meteorologist. Carbon Vince. Key News. 93.1 kfbk. Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000.

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