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As i mentioned earlier in the episode he ought to fisher born mary francis thompson was a chickasaw nation citizen who became a cultural ambassador of sorts for her tribe and many others bringing their stories to audiences across the country and around the world her sixty your career included performances for franklin and eleanor roosevelt at the white house and for the king and queen of england during our conversation culture and i discussed the behind the scenes evolvement of the chickasaw nation being typecast and how her activism influences her work among many other things check it out well joining me this morning uh straight off of the flight so we really appreciate her coming directly from rewrite oj or jfk jfk yeah thanks for coming to our rokhlin studios to talk to us curry culture welcome to the show thank you and i'm i'm glad to be here it's great to have you on so you were born in germany to your mom i think is swiss german and your dad is of indigenous pruvian two cents i two juries are administer and you you know so you are you are not really burning america um and i imagine there are a lot of people like myself who are americans who have never heard of toyota before and homilies i had not before watching the movie so i'm curious as to what your exposure had been to her if at all before you got the role and what was your research like for the role i actually.

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